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Agenda 23th of July 2009

- Time for DNS switch? ( →

  1. Which version should Wiki relate to? Stable/Trunk?
  2. Tags/Categories
    1. Which is which
    2. How to decide what tags to create
    3. They don't work? cf. installing
    4. there is a tag-namespace?
  3. TOH
    1. High priority?
    2. Precondition for DNS switch?
    3. Progress report?
  4. The Pagename-Plugin (make headline appear as linkname): any good?
  5. What else?
    1. Who will call the next meeting, date , agenda etc.?
    2. Raising Wiki-awareness: announcements, timing…
    3. Merging trac wiki and nuwiki (reduce redundancies, no certificate for nuwiki necessary…)

Meeting summary

  1. DNS switch should happen as soon as possible (remember to add/extend note on frontpage).
  2. Tags and categories. It was found out that some of the needed plugins had to be re-installed. It was agreed that the best policy was would be to 'start and then see how it goes'.
  3. TOH - Bartman007 has made a demo, and a version fairly similar to the oldwiki version will be moved into place.There will be added a specific TOH discussion page.
  4. Content move. White Russian content should not be moved to Nuwiki, when all needed content has been moved the oldwiki should be pulled 'off the air' (as a minimum a complete tarball has to be available).
  5. Next meeting. Danage will handle the agenda, and meeting will be on the 6th of August at CEST 20:00.
  6. It is needed to do some work in regard to increase awareness about the new wiki.

Meeting log

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