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Meeting log 23th of July 2009

19:56 < glp> Nuwiki meeting:
19:57 < glp> I'll be a little on and off during the next hours
19:57 < glp> meeting agenda is here:
20:00 < jaskew> I'm new - missed the first meeting but would like to help with the wiki effort
20:00 < glp> jaskew: welcome, and welcome :-)
20:01 < glp> First topic: DNS switch?
20:01 < danage> jaskew: excellent, welcome
20:01 < blogic> glp: \o/
20:01 < danage> glp: i'm interested in attendance, could we get a little ping from everyone attending?
20:02 < blogic> i did not even know this was going on in this style
20:02 < blogic> :)
20:02 < danage> just so we get an estimate of the number of people that potentially participate
20:02 < danage> (at this stage)
20:02 * moonflux is here
20:02 < jaskew> ←– Jerry Askew for more info about me
20:02 * glp is here
20:03 -!- plambrechtsen [] has joined #openwrt-devel
20:03 < plambrechtsen> Greetings
20:03 < glp> plambrechtsen: just trying to estimate attendance for the meeting
20:03 * Bartman007 is here
20:04 * danage as well :)
20:04 < glp> but back to first topic?
20:05 < danage> sure, thanks
20:05 < glp> should we just go ahead and switch the dns to ?
20:05 < Bartman007> as nuwiki contains all the content of oldwiki, I think it makes sense
20:05 < plambrechtsen> I think so
20:05 < moonflux> wouldn't be worse than oldwiki :)
20:05 < Bartman007> I find the oldwiki namespace in nuwiki to be more useful than oldwiki itself.
20:05 < plambrechtsen> as the oldwiki has a subset as well
20:06 < danage> i agree with Bartman007
20:06 < plambrechtsen> I agree to bartman
20:06 < plambrechtsen> the TOH is missing from Oldwiki
20:06 < Bartman007> it's still there, you just have to know how to get to it :)
20:06 < danage> the only con would be that a lot of people (potential contributors) may be turned away once they find the wiki in this, uncomplete state
20:06 < glp> ok, Bartman007 and I will remind eachother to fix the dns
20:07 < Bartman007> danage: I think oldwiki does more damage than nuwiki could.
20:07 < plambrechtsen> danage, I disagree, as I think the oldwiki is far worse than the nuwiki
20:07 < glp> danage: maybe add a note about this to the startpage ?
20:07 < plambrechtsen> barman007 i agree
20:07 < Bartman007> oldwiki is completely static, and many links are broken
20:07 < danage> true, true. my concerns are resolved :)
20:07 < danage> glp: yes, or simply change the note that is there at the moment
20:08 < jaskew> As a new user of openWRT, I founf the most discouraging thing was the inability to update/clarify things that I found that were either unclear or wrong.
20:08 < plambrechtsen> jaskew.. couldn't agree more
20:08 < jaskew> AHving the ability to submit updfates would encourage me.
20:08 < danage> jaskew: yes, that will be no problem in nuwiki. all you need is to sign up, existing articles may be changed by everyone
20:09 < plambrechtsen> people who are unfamiliar to openwrt try adn find info in the wiki.. and it's just not there
20:09 < moonflux> I think each oldwiki page should have a box at the top pointing to guidelines on how to create pages in the new wiki/pages_from_oldwiki
20:09 < danage> for _new_ articles the rule is they can only be put into the inbox namespace
20:09 < blogic> what is the url ?
20:09 < blogic> nuwiki.op….. ?
20:09 < plambrechtsen> blog yep..
20:09 < blogic> apparently yes
20:10 < Bartman007> moonflux: the oldwiki namespace in nuwiki should not be modified
20:10 < blogic> glp: i think i should add a ifxmips section :)
20:10 < blogic> glp: my contribution :)
20:10 < moonflux> Bartman007: exactly, so when I see a page in oldwiki, I know what to do
20:10 < glp> blogic: that would be very good
20:10 < Bartman007> moonflux: ah. ok.
20:10 < danage> Bartman007: that needs clarification. i have, following phaidros' explanation, begun moving pages from oldwiki to nuwiki namespace
20:10 < moonflux> and when a page was moved to the new wiki space, the box could be changed pointing there (and the old content just stick around)
20:11 < plambrechtsen> moonflux… absoultly
20:11 < danage> blogic: do you think we should start a section under documentation that contains every platform?
20:11 < danage> moonflux: what do you mean by box?
20:11 < plambrechtsen> danage… for each oldwiki page a "header" should be added
20:11 < danage> right now, when i move a page, access to the oldwiki page redirects you to nuwiki
20:12 < plambrechtsen> saying "this is the old wiki, we are updating, to update this page go to /meta to find out then put it in /inbox
20:12 < Bartman007> danage: oh, personally I don't see a problem w/ turning oldwiki namespace pages into redirects as the content is added to nuwiki, I thought moonflux initially wanted to provide advice on how to edit oldwiki
20:12 < danage> i see.
20:12 < danage> the thing is: if we leave oldwiki intact, without redirectors, it will STILL confuse people
20:12 < danage> so as we revise the oldwiki content in the moving process, there is no need to keep the oldwiki content, is there?
20:13 < Bartman007> agreed.
20:13 < plambrechtsen> for sure… so the oldwiki namespace needs a time limit before it gets removed
20:13 < glp> danage: there are historical reasons
20:13 < blogic> danage: yes
20:13 < blogic> danage: imperative
20:13 < jaskew> an oldwiki page shouldn't be deleted until someone verifies that all appliacable info has been moved
20:13 < moonflux> I thought about pages like the one of the SE505. I plan to completely revamp it, but the old White Russion stuff could stick in the oldwiki
20:13 < blogic> there needs to be this devide arch/platform/device
20:13 < danage> ok good, so the procedure is: move pages from oldwiki whenever we can
20:14 * moonflux is a bit laggy because he's cooking ;)
20:14 < danage> if it's crud, create a new page in nuwiki and put a redirector?
20:14 < plambrechtsen> danage… I agree..
20:14 < plambrechtsen> I think we should all work together over 6 months say to move as much from oldwiki as we can
20:14 < plambrechtsen> then retire it
20:15 < jaskew> can "Janitors" be assigned to purge oldwiki pages once it's verified that the info has been ported?
20:15 < plambrechtsen> that way, if there was anything such as the white russian stuff.. move it into the nuwiki under doc/whiterussian or similar
20:15 < Bartman007> I see no real point to "retiring" it as a whole unless all content has been rewritten to fit into the proper place in nuwiki.
20:16 < nbd> we should add an automatic header to all oldwiki pages that displays prominently and in red that the contents may be obsolete
20:16 < plambrechtsen> it's just important that we don't keep the same data in two places
20:16 < nbd> hi btw
20:16 < nbd> ;)
20:16 < Bartman007> and I don't think it makes sense to rewrite all content as some of it isn't relevant.
20:16 < plambrechtsen> so when a page is updated / replace from oldwiki, we link to the new place
20:16 < glp> plambrechtsen: the white russian stuff should probably not be added to the new wiki ?
20:17 < plambrechtsen> just think it adds confusion having the same structure still "linkable" under oldwiki..
20:17 < plambrechtsen> so there needs to be a way that page by page we update oldwiwki to link to new wiki
20:18 * plambrechtsen hates having duplicate data in wiki that just keep on getting referenced
20:18 < nbd> if we consider all oldwiki pages obsolete until proven otherwise and marking it as such, we should at least get rid of some of the confusion
20:19 < nbd> and we could place a note about that on each page as prominently as we have to, to make sure that users won't miss this piece of meta-information
20:19 < plambrechtsen> then its just a decision as to if we want to keep historical info such as the white russian stuff or not.
20:19 < danage> Bartman007: thats why we should MOVE as many pages as possible. that way we keep track of what's been moved already
20:19 < jaskew> I suspect there are lots of external links to the wiki. Has there been discussion about preserving thise?
20:19 < Bartman007> danage: I agree with you there.
20:19 < moonflux> so White Russion info should just die?
20:19 < danage> plambrechtsen: the way is to MOVE pages
20:19 < Bartman007> jaskew: most of them were completely botched during the wiki → oldwiki move
20:19 < moonflux> jaskew: the old links are alreay redirected
20:19 < plambrechtsen> danage… agree!
20:20 < danage> however, many pages are obsolete. they don't get moved but ignored. so i agree with having a phase of a certain time after which oldwiki gets dumped
20:21 < plambrechtsen> danage.. having a time limit on the oldwiki also means that we have that on the header
20:21 < plambrechtsen> so if anyone links into it externally they will find that the first thing they get presented with is "this is a old page, please update, it's going on x date"
20:22 < danage> here is a page as an example of what "moving" does:
20:23 < danage> plambrechtsen: it could also be like "this is an old page, if it's helpful please suggest to move it to the new wiki [and how]"
20:23 * plambrechtsen oldest daughter has just joined me to "help me"… it has begun
20:24 * plambrechtsen totally agrees with danage
20:24 < danage> :)
20:24 < plambrechtsen> Danage… see the linkage.. that's exactly what should happen
20:25 < plambrechtsen> then monthly or whatever we can dump out the oldwiki structure and see what is left
20:25 < plambrechtsen> to migrate that is
20:26 < danage> good idea
20:26 < danage> jaskew: i think when we move pages the oldwiki links stay intact
20:26 < danage> any developer opinion on what to do with white russian wiki documentation?
20:27 < plambrechtsen> the only "gotcha" i could possibly think is a 5 second redirect delay when linking to a oldwiki page
20:27 < Bartman007> cat whiterussian > /dev/null
20:27 < plambrechtsen> ie "you just linked to an old page, are about to get redirected to the new page, please update your links"
20:27 < glp> white russian should probably be wrapped into a tarball and stored somewhere
20:28 < Bartman007> glp: it would be a reason to not completely nuke oldwiki
20:28 < plambrechtsen> I think historical stuff should be kept in some form…
20:28 < plambrechtsen> good to know history if someone for whatever reason wants it
20:28 < jaskew> wayback machine?
20:29 < plambrechtsen> link in newwiki to tarbal sitting on downloads
20:29 < moonflux> jaskew: good idea I think
20:29 < glp> plambrechtsen: something like that
20:29 < plambrechtsen> then run stats to see how often its downloaded by non-robots in 12 months
20:29 < plambrechtsen> then rm -Rf
20:29 < moonflux> just replace the current CamelCase redirect with one to
20:29 < glp> moonflux: yes
20:30 < blogic> maligor: ping
20:30 < jaskew> well… It would be good if there was a message that says the content was moved to <nuwiki link> but the original can be accessed at < link>
20:30 < blogic> maligor: you made uboot work with the PSC ram chip, did you not ?
20:30 < blogic> maligor: can you send me the patch against trunk again ?
20:30 < maligor> mmm
20:31 < maligor> let me look it up
20:31 < blogic> on ifxmips
20:31 < blogic> ok, thx
20:31 < blogic> and you also added ./gcj ?!
20:31 < jaskew> but also would be nice if the proper HTTP response code were sent so that webmasters could learn of the new address (is that even used anymore)?
20:31 < maligor> gcj?
20:31 < Bartman007> jaskew: you mean 302?
20:31 < blogic> the tool to mkae the ascii file to upload to the boot-uart mode of the chip
20:31 < phaidros> hello :)
20:32 < Bartman007> quick , hide!
20:32 < maligor> maybe it's in my sent ityms still
20:32 < phaidros> Bartman007: I would, why?
20:32 < jaskew> I think so - I seem to remember that there are tools that look for broken or updated links and then report them to webamsters
20:32 -!- xMff1 [] has joined #openwrt-devel
20:32 < danage> i like the direction this is heading
20:32 < danage> (the wiki, in general)
20:32 < maligor> blogic, well, I can resend the email, I still seem to have it :P
20:32 < Bartman007> jaskew: I'll add it to my todo list.
20:32 -!- xMff1 is now known as xMmob
20:33 < plambrechtsen> ok… so review
20:33 < danage> should end up as a great tool for everyone
20:33 < plambrechtsen> Dns NuWiki to be moved to wiki
20:33 < maligor> blogic, the psc stuff is just the config for asc upload
20:34 < danage> whiterussian oldwiki contents to be tarballed and NOT be part of nuwiki
20:34 < plambrechtsen> Danage.. yes..
20:34 < danage> migration rule: try to move oldwiki pages whenever possible
20:34 < plambrechtsen> So.. move onto point 2?? Tags / Categories?
20:34 < danage> glp: still here?
20:35 < danage> note: i put some more stuff in the meeting agenda just a few minutes ago that came to mind, sorry
20:35 * plambrechtsen 2nd daughter has just woken up…
20:35 < jaskew> WRT whiterussian: some people are probably still using. What if someone wants to contribute info or update a page. They shouldn't be tunred away - there shoulc be an area for that
20:35 * plambrechtsen the day has begun..
20:36 < Bartman007> jaskew: they can continue using the WR forums
20:36 < plambrechtsen> bartman.. i agree.. Forums are good for support & patches if applicable to WR..
20:37 < plambrechtsen> otherwise 8.09.1+ is all in wiki
20:37 < jaskew> ok- that should be stated somewhere so ppl don;t submit whiterussion info just to have it turned down
20:37 < plambrechtsen> There could just be a conjoined /doc/whiterussian page with the highlights
20:38 < plambrechtsen> ok… hoping to move things on..
20:38 < Bartman007> point 2 on the agenda?
20:38 < plambrechtsen> one request from me would be to have a
20:38 < plambrechtsen> so we can link to that in the wiki..
20:39 < moonflux> plambrechtsen: I added
20:39 < moonflux> just always link to that
20:39 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: as a developer I hate the term "latest" because it is abused. "I'm running the latest trunk build." then I find out it was latest as of a month ago.
20:40 -!- aroscha [] has quit []
20:40 < Bartman007> I think the latest page in nuwiki is sufficient.
20:40 < plambrechtsen> Moonflux I was thinking that we should be able to link as part of having stable image downloads from the TOH ardware page
20:40 < plambrechtsen> or perhaps /kamikaze/stable ;)
20:41 < moonflux> plambrechtsen: just link to the wiki page, it has additional infos :)
20:41 < plambrechtsen> sure.. point taken
20:42 < plambrechtsen> was just trying to see if in a TOH page. ie linksys wrt directly link to
20:42 < plambrechtsen> or something similar from the hardware model page itself
20:42 < moonflux> ahk, now I know what you mean
20:43 < plambrechtsen> so people don't have to guess they need to go to brcm-2.4 or whatever
20:43 < moonflux> I think we should have an additional page which explains all the flavors
20:43 < plambrechtsen> just "this is the latest stable"
20:43 < xMmob> moonflux: agreed
20:43 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: I would prefer a page that explains which image someone should use, but not link directly to it.
20:43 < plambrechtsen> is what I was kinda talking about
20:44 < plambrechtsen> "installation"… you need to download this image.. plus these tools
20:44 < plambrechtsen> and have all the info on one page
20:44 < plambrechtsen> latest is probably a dirty word… perhaps stable :P
20:45 < danage> plambrechtsen: yes i agree. the particulars have to be worked out. i moved the installing page and the configuring page
20:45 < moonflux> btw, ad. point 4: I think the Pagename-Plugin is crap ;)
20:46 < moonflux> I just linked to latest and the sentence was broken
20:46 < danage> what needs to be on which page? i don't know. probably we need some smaller pages that can be linked to
20:46 < danage> moonflux: hang on, lets do this page by page
20:46 < moonflux> kk
20:46 < danage> moonflux: ehhh sorry, topic by topic, according to the agenda
20:46 < plambrechtsen> sure if there is a latest] or [[stable then linkage is easy
20:47 < moonflux> danage: jepp, just noticed it and didn't want to forget it
20:47 < danage> moonflux: it's on the agenda :)
20:47 < jaskew> for installation: can it include options for both the 2.4 and 2.6 kernel versions if available. Maybe I'm off base here, but the brcm-2.4 vs brcm47xx options were confusing to me at first
20:48 < danage> jaskew: that touches a very important issue: which VERSIOn of openwrt should the wiki relate to?
20:48 < plambrechtsen> Ok… sorry.. bring it back to the agenga…
20:48 < danage> trunk? current stable?
20:48 < plambrechtsen> danage I think current stable rather than trunk..
20:48 < Bartman007> danage: stable for the most part, with trunk where applicable.
20:48 < plambrechtsen> I think I am going to need to go..
20:48 < plambrechtsen> kids chomping at my heels for breakfast.
20:48 < Bartman007> if a device is only supported in trunk, discuss trunk on that page
20:48 < danage> plambrechtsen: you're right, i'll put a point on the agenda. plambrechtsen, Bartman007 that's what i put in meta:start recently, under mantra, but was gonna put it up for discussion
20:49 < plambrechtsen> so… #2… Tags / categories
20:49 < danage> ok so i just put it as point 2 in meeting agenda so as not to confuse
20:49 < danage> plambrechtsen: point 3 now…
20:49 < plambrechtsen> :P
20:50 < danage> ok so it's TAGS and CATEGORIES
20:50 < plambrechtsen> I think we need a formal list of all features that all routers have
20:50 < danage> i tried the plugin as described in dokuwiki documentation, xMmob but it didn't seem to work, cf page linked
20:50 < plambrechtsen> ie Net4x1
20:50 < plambrechtsen> or Net100MB4x1
20:51 < danage> plambrechtsen: yes, that would apply to namespace TOH - categories are specific within each namespace, right?
20:51 < plambrechtsen> and UsbHighSpeed or UsbLowSpeed
20:52 < plambrechtsen> or CPUBroadcom
20:52 < plambrechtsen> or ChipsetBroadcom
20:52 < plambrechtsen> just need a single place all tags are put.. then it can be up for discussion if they are needed
20:52 < danage> good point
20:53 < danage> does anyone know how tags/categories work? phaidros?
20:53 < plambrechtsen> toh:categories
20:53 < plambrechtsen> how they work could be on the categories page :P
20:53 < danage> plambrechtsen: meta:categories
20:54 < glp> danage: yes, back again
20:54 < plambrechtsen> ok… so I think we all agree we will need categories, and that the list of categoies will be up for discussion… so..
20:54 < plambrechtsen> why not say.. "someone" will do a shell categories on meta:categories.. we all add our 2 cents until next meeting?
20:54 < CIA-37> mirko * r16963 /trunk/target/linux/s3c24xx/config-2.6.30: use ext2/ext3 compiled in to allow booting from an ext2/ext3 formatted sd-card
20:56 < plambrechtsen> does that sound reasonable for the tags
20:57 < plambrechtsen> I am happy to start a list.. but like danage I am not sure "how" they work ;)
20:57 < danage> yes, but we need to know how they work first, or is it just me?
20:57 < danage> phaidros seemed to know
20:57 < jaskew> I was hoping someone would explain :)
20:57 * plambrechtsen danage isn't alone with the voodoo for tags
20:57 < glp> plambrechtsen: probably best to start with something and then change if needed
20:58 < danage>
20:58 < danage> and here for a demo:
20:59 < danage> i tried it on the page linked in the meeting agenda, but it displays some crud that doesn't link anywhere
20:59 < jaskew> What about categories - are they just part of the namespace heirarchy?
21:00 < plambrechtsen> I think they should be treated one in the same …
21:01 * plambrechtsen gotta go… #3 daughter has woken up… it's all over rover for me for the next hour
21:02 < moonflux> hm. maybe the installed tag plugin is broken?
21:02 -!- plambrechtsen [] has quit ["Leaving."]
21:04 < jaskew> hmm - the docuwiki docs seem to use "category" interchangeably with "tag" and "anmespace"
21:06 * jaskew has to leave. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can help with
21:07 < moonflux> so the category plugin was superseded my the tag plugin (which doesn't work in nuwiki)
21:07 < glp> jaskew: there should be added a summary of this meeting one of the next days
21:07 < danage> ok so this is up for research. nothing to be solved here at the moment… anyone object if we moved on?
21:07 < moonflux> namespaces are the path elements (ie. doc is a namespace)
21:07 < glp> danage: ok with me
21:09 < danage> ok so it's table of hardware, topic #4, Bartman007 you had something relating to this?
21:09 < Bartman007> yeah
21:10 < Bartman007> I found two plugins that looked rather interesting
21:10 < Bartman007> here are the results:
21:11 < Bartman007> the first one is rather basic, and I like it quite a bit. it is called sortablejs and allows sortable tables using standard wiki syntax
21:12 < Bartman007> the second one is called database2 and actually stores the data in an sql database. it is much more powerful but I'm a bit concerned about it because changes to the table are not tracked in the page's revision history.
21:13 < nbd> i think we should stick to the first one only
21:14 < danage> if we go by the first solution, we would need a powerful but simple structure with links to router descriptions (in form of normal wiki pages)
21:14 < moonflux> the db one doesn't always work. privoxy returns a text/plain sometimes when I try to sort
21:14 < danage> i like the looks of the first one quite a bit
21:15 < Bartman007> danage: in the status column, each on links to the device page, just like the old ToH.
21:15 < glp> yeah, the first one and then maybe with a little less info
21:15 < Bartman007> s/on/one/
21:15 < danage> yes and then a really good template for device pages so they get a uniform look
21:16 < glp> not sure if we need; frequency, storage and/or version ?
21:16 < nbd> another thing: I'd like to keep the WiP status only on those devices which actually work to some degree
21:16 < moonflux> I think the link to the actual info should be moved to the front. I clicked the spec page a few times in the old ToC
21:16 < nbd> basically anything that users can actually test without screwing up
21:16 < Bartman007> glp: frequency is cpu speed, that's rather important for a number of people.
21:16 < Bartman007> nbd: sure.
21:16 < danage> Bartman007: i think clicking the model should bring you to the wikipage, not the mfg. page. linking to that could go in the wiki page for each device, not really necessary in the table?
21:17 < Bartman007> yes, that makes sense.
21:17 < nbd> so many people keep buying completely unsupported devices or doing stuff to them simply because they were listed as WiP
21:17 < danage> yeah, like me!
21:17 < nbd> while in fact many of the WiP-listed devices we've only considered doing work for but not done any work yet
21:17 < moonflux> maybe two pages: one toh for the stable release and one for trunk?
21:17 < Bartman007> I don't like taht option.
21:18 < nbd> me neither
21:18 < Bartman007> fragmenting the toh got us into trouble before
21:18 < moonflux> kk
21:18 < danage> me neither, TOH should apply for trunk shouldn't it?
21:18 < nbd> at some point we will have an autogenerated ToH for developer-supported devices
21:18 < Bartman007> someone decided "Unsupported" devices should be on their own page.
21:18 < nbd> but that'll be generated from a much more extensive and strict source of information
21:18 < Bartman007> which resulted in much confusion.
21:19 < nbd> well, moving unsupported devices away might not be such a bad idea, actually
21:19 < danage> we should decide for either stable or trunk, and then note that ont he page
21:19 < nbd> but we have to do it with the new structure from the beginning
21:19 < nbd> not as a rogue effort
21:19 < nbd> if we decide to do it at all
21:19 < moonflux> stable I think as a user
21:19 < Bartman007> nbd: I think I'd prefer a seperate table on the same page.
21:19 < nbd> fine with me as well
21:19 < nbd> but splitting stable/trunk isn't such a good idea
21:19 < Bartman007> so it can still be hit when searching on the page.
21:20 < nbd> ack
21:20 < Bartman007> agreed.
21:20 < danage> +1
21:20 < danage> but should it relate to trunk/stable?
21:20 < Bartman007> currently the status column indicates the first release the device was supported in, or trunk if it only works there.
21:21 < moonflux> the release notes could carry a "stable" toc for each release
21:21 < Bartman007> I don't see a need for that.
21:21 < nbd> that's something for my hardware database idea later
21:22 < nbd> i.e. only containing devices that developers have or had access to or know for sure will work
21:22 < danage> Bartman007: sounds good
21:23 < Bartman007> what about glp's comment regarding less info?
21:23 < Bartman007> I already pruned serial, jtag, and recovery (boot_wait) from the table, and tried to include important specs.
21:24 < glp> Bartman007: I'm thinking in the direction, that it can be quite confusing to have to look across to much info
21:24 < Bartman007> cpu speed, ram, flash, number of eth ports, wireless, usb and/or other storage all seem to be frequently requested specs.
21:25 < Bartman007> I suppose we could drop platform since target is there, but I would prefer not to, I think it is useful
21:25 < glp> I think the Target(s) is really good
21:25 < glp> platform is also quite relevant
21:26 < Bartman007> I'm thinking we can break the wifi and eth columns up a bit more. potentially y/n columns for gigabit, 11n, 11g, 11a, # of radios and # of ports
21:26 < Bartman007> would lend towards column based sorting being more useful.
21:26 < glp> is it possible to fit the whole width of the TOH on a screen with 1280x1024 ?
21:26 < Bartman007> but that's three new columns…
21:27 -!- xMmob [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:27 < Bartman007> glp: currently it appears to be on my machine
21:28 < Bartman007> I should probably move status and target into the first few columns, then the core info fits on smaller screens.
21:28 < Bartman007> I don't necessarily see a problem with a wide table as long as the most important data is closest to the front.
21:28 -!- xMff1 [] has joined #openwrt-devel
21:30 < Bartman007> danage, phaidros: I know one of you has admin access on the wiki. could you install the sortablejs plugin?
21:30 < Bartman007> I'll import the later and rearrange columns, and create a discussion page so people can voice their opinions (as we appear to have lost most people already)
21:31 < Bartman007> the table later*
21:32 -!- linville [n=linville@nat/redhat/x-7fe1e4dc4cb7ca36] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:33 < danage> Bartman007: done
21:34 < danage> Bartman007: you should be able to use it now
21:35 < danage> ok so what else: the pagename plugin was deprecated consensually now? xMff could de-install it in that case, or i could
21:36 < danage> then: next meeting, 6.1
21:36 < danage> 2 weeks from today?
21:36 < danage> we can keep some of the undiscussed items for next wiki meeting, no problem, most important stuff has been covered
21:41 < glp> danage: will you make the call for next meeting?
21:42 < danage> can do, but someone else would have to post it to the mailing list
21:43 < glp> danage: I can do the posting, if you tell me when the announcement in the wiki is ready
21:43 < danage> ok we'll do it that way
21:45 < glp> I'll sit down tomorrow morning and write a summary :)
21:46 < danage> awesome
21:47 -!- Hauke [] has joined #openwrt-devel
21:55 -!- aroscha [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:00 -!- xrg_ [] has joined #openwrt-devel
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22:15 -!- dwb1 [] has joined #openwrt-devel
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22:17 -!- plambrech [n=irchon@] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:17 < plambrech> greeting.. what did I miss?
22:18 < plambrech> no one home anymore
22:19 -!- Hauke [] has quit ["Leaving."]
22:19 -!- Hauke [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:21 -!- plambrech [n=irchon@] has quit [Client Quit]
22:22 -!- plambrechtsen [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:22 < plambrechtsen> Ok… thats better..
22:22 < plambrechtsen> So… is anyone still online.. or has everyone gone to bed?
22:23 < [florian]> danage: ping ?
22:24 < plambrechtsen> florian… is there an IRC log somewhere i could find?
22:25 < [florian]> plambrechtsen: not yet sorry
22:25 < plambrechtsen> florian.. np… I assume it's all over, with everything done?
22:26 < [florian]> I can try to put you the backlog on a pastebin if you prefer?
22:26 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: sorry, we voted you off the island
22:26 < [florian]> danage:
22:26 < plambrechtsen> bartman, dangnabbit… I hate it when the tribe turns against me..
22:27 -!- ArteK [n=Artur@] has left #openwrt-devel ["Lost terminal"]
22:27 < plambrechtsen> So Bartman… was everything covered..
22:28 -!- Hauke [] has quit ["Leaving."]
22:28 -!- Hauke [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:28 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: I'll past my logs in a sec.
22:28 < plambrechtsen> np… just on bus so have 20 mins to do something before my real job kicks in and the real madness starts..
22:30 < jaskew> I'm back too - seems like it was mostly talk about the ToH since you (plambrechtsen) left
22:30 -!- Hauke1 [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:30 -!- Hauke [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:31 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen:
22:32 < plambrechtsen> Thanks bartman… are you East cost US?… wondering what the TZ is
22:32 < Bartman007> west cost, Pacfic Daylight Time
22:32 * jaskew is on US West coast too
22:33 < plambrechtsen> Groovy… I am on the other side of the water from you ;)
22:33 < Bartman007> UTC-7
22:33 < plambrechtsen> GMT+12 for me ;)
22:35 < jaskew> Bartman: Los Angeles, SF or other?
22:35 < Bartman007> jaskew: 30ish miles south of SF
22:35 * jaskew ~30mi N of L.A.
22:36 < plambrechtsen> <argh> work calls … bartman could you e-mail me my nick @ gmail dot com..
22:36 < plambrechtsen> and can continue that way…
22:36 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: you want the logs emailed? sure.
22:36 < plambrechtsen> No.. I have the paste bin
22:36 < plambrechtsen> just if I wanted to ping a few things by you
22:37 < Bartman007> oh, sure.
22:37 < plambrechtsen> so i have your e-mail so I can sign you up to spam :)
22:38 < Bartman007> plambrechtsen: .nz isn't too large. I estimate it would take a 1/2 hour of door-to-door searching to figure out where you live. :P
22:38 -!- Hauke1 [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:38 < plambrechtsen> Hey… to drive end-to-end of one island is about 12 hours
22:39 < plambrechtsen> and about the same for the other one as well
22:39 < plambrechtsen> 900KM for one island for you guys who should have heard of the metric system :P
22:39 < plambrechtsen> long and skinny islands.. with rubbish roads
22:40 < plambrechtsen> See ya… better boot this server before customers in NZ can't make phone calls…
22:41 < jaskew> Did anyone clarify the tags vs. categories question?
22:41 < Bartman007> jaskew: I think that was put off so people can figure out what question needs to be asked.
22:43 -!- plambrechtsen1 [] has joined #openwrt-devel
22:43 < plambrechtsen1> jaskew… reading through the irc log it seems that tags were the way to go as categories were retired
22:44 -!- plambrechtsen [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:45 < jaskew> thx - makes sense
22:45 < plambrechtsen1> Ok… Bartman if you want to update my trial template…
22:46 < plambrechtsen1> one thing I would like to see the the TOH reference / include the sub hardwares
22:46 < plambrechtsen1> ie TOH includes TOH:Linksys
22:46 < plambrechtsen1> so you only update /toh/linksys with hardware lists
22:46 < plambrechtsen1> and /toh/start is regenerated daily or whatever based on the hardware models & tags
22:47 < plambrechtsen1> Need to get my head around the plugins on how tags and including other pages works in douwiki
22:47 < plambrechtsen1> me = out!! e-mail me bartman
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