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-===== Introduction ===== 
-In this scenario a big area must be covered with Wi-Fi access and no Access Point alone can provide that kind of reachability. Three different wifi networks will be provided for diferent access levels. Traffic from these networks will be isolated and controlled by a central Linux box running Shorewall. A wired Ethernet backbone will carry traffic from the Access Points (in our example three AP are used, but can be more if necessary. Beware of air channel starvation). The encapsulation protocol will be OpenVPN with no cypher and that means the processing power for traffic encapsulation will be low (encryption can be enabled if required). The author has succesfully done a similar setup using 802.1q (VLANS) encapsulation. L2tp is a another reasonable alternative to try for encapsulation. 
-The following is a diagram of the solution: 
 ==== Acess Point Configuration ==== ==== Acess Point Configuration ====
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 {{page>​about}} {{page>​about}}
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