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 +====== Tags ======
 +Tedious work to insert it afterwards, but this could prove useful.
 +===== Tagging devices =====
 +At the end of each wiki page about a device, we should add the appropriate tags.\\ Simply add the tags space separated like this:
 +''<​nowiki>​{{tag>​8flash 64ram USB2.0 1NIC 2WNIC 4port}}</​nowiki>''​
 +==== Bootloader ====
 +==== System on a Chip ====
 +=== Atheros ===
 +=== Broadcom ===
 +=== MediaTek ===
 +=== Ralink ===
 +=== NICs ===
 +=== CPU Cores ===
 +=== ISA ===
 +{{tagpage>​MIPS IV}},
 +=== Ethernet-Standard of SoC and Switch ===
 +=== Internal switch ===
 +==== Modem ====
 +==== Wireless ====
 +==== RAM ====
 +==== Flash ====
 +==== USB ====
 +==== Cryptography ====
 +==== other PCB components ====
 +==== Casing ====
 +==== Power Options ====
 +==== Modifications ====
 +==== Special ====
 +  * {{tagpage>​DevBoard}}
 +  * {{tagpage>​fxo}} = [[wp>​Foreign exchange service (telecommunications)|FXO or FXS-Ports]],​ see also [[http://​​gateways:​avm:​start|Hardware Ports available on some AVM-Devices]]
 +  * {{tagpage>​tae_port}} = [[wp>TAE connector]]
 +==== Reference design ====
 +Tags for reference designs of chip manufacturers may be used for fast and easy comparisons:​
 +==== Unsupported devices ====
 +  * {{tagpage>​2Flash}} = Even though it is possible to build heavily stripped down OpenWrt-image,​ devices with only 2MB of flash memory will not be officially supported in OpenWrt! See for example [[inbox/​howto/​telnet_enable]] on howto remove dropbear.
 +  * {{tagpage>​8RAM}},​ {{tagpage>​16RAM}}
 +  * {{tagpage>​ubicom32}} = Support for [[https://​​wiki/​ubicom32|target ubicom32]] was removed in [[https://​​changeset/​34430|r34430]],​ [[https://​​changeset/​34431|r34431]],​ [[https://​​changeset/​34432|r34432]]:​ //"​This target is unused, does not support any off the shelf hardware and has been a maintenance burden for quite some time now."//​
 +==== Other Tags available ====
 +<​code>​Release date: YEAR-MONTH
 +Chip: this list is longer than that of the drivers: example: AR9100 rt2860 Broadcom4318 etc.
 +Driver: acx1xx adm8211 agnx airo ar9170usb ar9271 ath5k ath6kl
 +      ath9k ath9k_htc atmel b43 b43legacy brcm80211 carl9170 hostap
 +      ipw2100 ipw2200 iwl3945 iwlagn iwmc3200wifi at76c50x-usb mac80211_hwsim
 +      mwl8k libertas libertas_tf orinoco p54pci p54spi p54usb poldhu prism2_usb
 +      ray_cs rndis_wlan rt61pci rt73usb rt2400pci rt2500pci rt2500usb rt2800pci
 +      rt2800usb rtl8180 rtl8187 r8187se r8192e_pci r8712u r8192u_usb
 +      vt6655 vt6656 winbond wl1251 wl1271 wl3501_cs wlags49_h2 zd1201 zd1211rw
 +CPU:  M4Kc M14Kc 4KEc M14Kc 24Kc 24KEc 34Kc 74Kc 1004Kc or ARM926EJ-S, IP7100, ...
 +A non exhaustive list of all available Linux drivers: [[http://​​en/​users/​Drivers]] and much more Information.
 +See also [[tag:​all_tags_in_this_wiki|All tags used in this wiki]]
 +==== Device Tag Examples ====
 +TP-Link TL-WR1043ND : {{tag>​GigabitEthernet 1NIC 1WNIC 5Port USB 1USB JTAG 802.11bgn ath9k 3Ant DetachableAntenna 32RAM 8Flash MIPS MIPS32 24Kc}}
 +TP-Link TL-WDR7500 ​ : {{tag>​GigabitEthernet 2NIC 2WNIC 5Port MIPS MIPS32 74Kc 128ram 8flash 2usb ap135 qca9558 qca9880 802.11ac 802.11n 802.11g 802.11b 802.11a simultan ath9k ath10k MiniPCIexpress}}
 +Seagate Dockstar ​   : {{tag>​GigabitEthernet 1NIC 0WNIC no_switch USB 4USB JTAG 128RAM gt32Flash ARM ARMv5 ARM926EJ-S crypto}}
 +===== Tagging articles =====
 +We could add tags to wiki articles, too. For example all articles which are being linked to from this page [[doc:​howto:​usb.overview]],​ could contain the tag {{tagpage>​USBrelated}}. Other Tags could be ''​bootloader''​.
 +  * {{tagpage>​bootloader}}
 +  * {{tagpage>​cellular_related}}
 +  * {{tagpage>​USBrelated}}
 +  * {{tagpage>​webcam}}
 +===== Searching for tags / tag combinations =====
 +You can search for devices with special tags in different ways:
 +  * Click on a tag link at the beginning of this page
 +  * See [[tag:​all_tags_in_this_wiki|All tags used in this wiki]]
 +  * See [[tag:​search_by_tags|Search by tag combinations]]