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:!: NOTE: This TEMPLATE is meant for HowTo's only. There is a separate one for HowToBuild.

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µMurmur or uMurmur is a minimalistic Mumble server primarily targeted to run on routers with an open OS like OpenWrt.



Please read about here OpenWrt and here theoretical background. Read about Three Way Hand Shake, etc.

  1. follow usb.essentials for a basic USB support (Do not explain this again! Link to it, and you're done)
  2. follow for USB storage support
  3. follow installation to install and configure the LuCI WebUI.
  4. follow wireless.overview for stuff related to wireless
  5. follow Mounting.Filesystems to mount any filesystem.

Firewall: portmap uses port 111 TCP + UDP, nfsd uses ports from 32777 to 32780 TCP + UDP. It might be necessary to populate /etc/hosts.allow to whitelist NFS clients, insert an entry like portmap: 192.168.1.*.

Required Packages

Server (OpenWrt)

    • kmod-sched (dependency of tc), package contains the schedulers
  • iptables-mod-ipopt optional! Contains some matches and targets for iptables: CLASSIFY, length, mark/MARK, statistic, tos/TOS
    • kmod-ipt-ipopt (user space module; dependency of corresponding user space module; we need both, see #8294
  • ppp (already in 10.03 RC3 Image)

Client (your PC)

For Linux you need …



opkg install umurmur-polarssl
vi /etc/umurmur.conf
. /etc/init.d/umurmur enable
. /etc/init.d/umurmur start
netstat -a
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.1 -p tcp --dport 64738
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.1 -p udp --dport 64738
You should now be able to connect via the mumble protocol.


Server configuration

Use the file /etc/exports to configure your shares. Example:

Assuming the daemons are already running, use the command exportfs -ar to reload and apply changes on the fly.

Network configuration

Edit your '/etc/config/network' file: (see network 3G section for more details)

config 'interface' 'wan'
option 'ifname' 'ppp0'
option 'pincode' '1234'
option 'device' '/dev/ttyUSB0'
option 'apn' 'your.apn'
option 'service' 'umts'
option 'proto' '3g'

Replace 'apn' with the correct APN of your 3g/umts provider.

Note in case your APN also requires an username/password, you can configure this too, just add to the network configuration file:

Chap configuration

Client configuration


Mount manually:

sudo mount /home/sandra/nfs_share

Or mount permanently with entries in the /etc/fstab on each client PC:

# Intranet /media/openwrt    nfs     ro,async,auto    0       0 /media/remote_stuff    nfs     rw,async,auto    0       0

Check the manpage for mount.


Mac OS X


Start on boot

To enable/disable start on boot:
/etc/init.d/umurmur enable this simply creates a symlink: /etc/rc.d/S90umurmur → /etc/init.d/umurmur
/etc/init.d/umurmur disable this removes the symlink again




If you get something like this:

Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
then bla bla bla


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