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Template HowToBuild

:!: NOTE: This TEMPLATE is for HowToBuild only. There is a separate one for HowTo.

The benefits of compiling OpenWrt from scratch should be clear to you. One situation where you are required to do it, is when no pre-built images are offered for download, for whatever reasons.


  1. you will be using OpenWrt Buildroot for this, so read about it
  2. pull OpenWrt Buildroot per svn/git and install its prerequisites on your system: OpenWrt Buildroot – Installation
  3. see howto use it OpenWrt Buildroot – Usage
  4. in case questions pop up, cf. OpenWrt Buildroot – Technical Reference (Work in Progress)

Note: If you simply and swiftly want to cross compile a program, see crosscompile.


1. Pull OpenWrt Buildroot and install its dependencies

2. Pull sources for XXX

cd ~
mkdir -p ~/openwrt
cd ~/openwrt
svn checkout svn:// wr1043nd
cd wr1043nd

Backport the 6in4 package to Backfire

svn export svn:// package/6in4; svn add package/6in4

Checkout the packages feed and symlink (install in menuconfig) only usb-modeswitch, usb-modeswitch-data, usbutils and multiwan packages from the packages feed.

./scripts/feeds update packages
./scripts/feeds install usb-modeswitch usb-modeswitch-data usbutils multiwan

3. apply patches

4. configure and run make

  • [doc:howto:build#configuration]]



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