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ADB 1000g

OpenWrt support is not possible, and there is no probability of this happening.

The hardware is offered by default by PT TelecomunicaƧƵes, ISP, in Portugal.

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag Misc
Lantiq Amazon-SE 16MiB 4MiB 1 GigE, 1 WAN No No ? integrated ADSL modem

CPU: Lantiq PSB 50601 HL (a.k.a) Amazon-SE

RAM: EM639165TS-6G - 8Mega x 16 Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) - Etron Technology, Inc.

Flash Memory: EN29LV320BB-70TIP - 32 Megabit (4096K x 8-bit / 2048K x 16-bit) Flash Memory Boot Sector Flash Memory, CMOS 3.0 Volt-only - Eon Silicon Solution Inc.

WiFi: Ralink RT2070L


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