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 ====== Arcadyan ARV4519PW (Vodafone, Pirelli) ====== ====== Arcadyan ARV4519PW (Vodafone, Pirelli) ======
-  * Supported by OpenWrt since[[|r37178]] +<WRAP box 80%> {{:meta:icons:​tango:​48px-emblem-question.svg.png }} If you can **confirm** that OpenWrt is running on this device (i.e. you or someone else has **tested** it), please update the data accordingly. -> Click //View/Edit data/
-  Supported by ''​uboot-lantiq''​ since[[https://​​changeset/​31069|r31069]]+/Special style definitions for the various Tables of Hardware. ​           */ 
 +---- datatable ---- 
 +cols    ​Model, Versions, Supported Since Rev_url, Supported Since Rel, Supported Current Rel, Device Techdata_pageid 
 +align   l,​c,​l,​c,​c,​c 
 +filter ​ : Model=ARV4519PW 
-supportedhttp://​​snapshots/​trunk/​lantiq/​+---- datatable ---- 
 +cols    ​Brand, Model, Versions, Supported Current Rel, OEM device homepage URL_url, Forum Topic URL_url, Device Techdata_pageid 
 +headers ​Brand, Model, Version, Current Release, OEM Info, Forum Topic, Technical Data 
 +align   : c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c 
 +filter ​ : Model=ARV4519PW 
-===== Tags =====+===== Hardware Highlights ​===== 
 +---- datatable ---- 
 +cols    : Model, Versions, Platform, CPU MHz, Flash MB_mbflashs,​ RAM MB_mbram, WLAN Hardware, WLAN 2.4Ghz, WLAN 5.0Ghz, Ethernet 100M ports_, Ethernet Gbit ports_, Modem, USB ports_ 
 +header ​ : Model, Version,​SoC,​CPU MHz,Flash MB,RAM MB,WLAN Hardware,​WLAN2.4,​WLAN5.0,​100M ports,Gbit ports,​Modem,​USB 
 +align   : c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c,​c 
 +filter ​ : Model=ARV4519PW 
 +===== Installation =====
 +---- datatable ----
 +cols    : Model, Versions, Supported Current Rel, Firmware OpenWrt Install URL_url, Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL_url, Firmware OEM Stock URL_url
 +align   : l,c,c
 +filter ​ : Model=ARV4519PW
 +===== Tags =====
 +[[meta:​tags|How to add tags]]
 {{tag>​lantiq danube adsl2+}} {{tag>​lantiq danube adsl2+}}
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