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Asus RT-N56U

Wireless network seems to have bug if you want to run both interfaces at the same time, see . A workaround is:

  1. Set the country code to a specific country on BOTH the 5 GHz radio AND the 2.4 GHz radio.
  2. Go to System > Startup, scroll down to Local Startup, add the line "sleep 2 && /etc/init.d/network restart" before the line "exit 0", and click Submit.
  3. Click System > Reboot > Perform reboot.

Note: latest trunk has this problem fixed. (tested r44618 and up)

Supported Versions

Version/Model Launch Date S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
v1 2011 - 14.07 Barrier Braker -

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
MIPS 74Kc@533MHz 128MiB 8MiB 5 x 1000 Yes 2 x USB 2.0 Yes Yes


There are two ways to install OpenWrt. Over the WebUI and TFTP.


Either (recommended if you want a stable system) download a stable version of Barrier Braker squashfs-factory.bin for the initial flash. Use a "sysupgrade" file for any future updates if already on openwrt.

Or (recommended if you need a system with all the newest features and do not care if the system may break) download latest snapshot of Chaos Calmer squashfs-factory.bin for the initial flash. Use a "sysupgrade" file for any future updates if already on openwrt.

Warning: Do NOT flash snapshot image of Chaos Calmer for initial flashing as nothing is ON in snapshot image. This means unless you have a serial connected you will not be able to access the router. You can, however, easily update from a stable release to a daily snapshot, but make sure "Keep Settings" checkbox is checked.

Alternative trunk builds (by moonman) with Luci included. Compiled with -march=74kc instread of -mips32r -mtune=74kc: As trunk advances some packages become broken and don't build. Be sure to check "broken_packages" directory to make sure a particular build is not missing packages that you need.

Install via WebUI
  • Log in your routers admin interface
  • Administration → Firmware Upgrade → Choose openwrt-ramips-rt3883-rt-n56u-squashfs-factory.bin.
Install via TFTP
  • Unplug router power cord
  • keep reset button down
  • plug the power cord back
  • release the reset button.
  • led blinks slowly when ready for flashing
  • Assign your PC on eth0
  • tftp
  • tftp> bin
  • tftp> put openwrt-ramips-rt3883-rt-n56u-squashfs-factory.bin



Architecture: MIPS
Vendor: Ralink
Bootloader: U-Boot
System-On-Chip: RT3662 (MIPS 74Kc V4.12)
CPU/Speed MIPS 74Kc @ 500 Mhz
Flash size: 8 MB
RAM: 128 MiB
Wireless: Ralink RT3662 + RT3092
Ethernet: RealTek RTL8367M Gigabit w/ vlan support swconfig
USB: Yes 2 x 2.0
Serial: Yes 57600

How to Open

Remove the screws first, then use your nails.


|    XXXX        | GND RX TX 3.3
|                |
|                |
|                |


For some Help with the Tags, please have a look here: tags

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