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BT HomeHub 1.0 and 1.5


Following the sad closure of, all members of the BT Home Hub Openwrt community are now encouraged to join in ongoing development efforts, concentrated on the Home Hub 2B, at

White or black boxes given away with a bt broadband subscription. It comes in two versions The V1 and the V1.5. The first noticeable difference between the two versions is the shape and size. Under the cover they are identical apart from a slight pcb revision, addition of 5 extra red led's and two extra buttons on the V1.5.

There are other routers based on the same board as the homehub V1. Known to me are: speedtouch 7g and Aolbox. There may be more.

The homehub includes ADSL2+, 802.11b/g wireless, host and slave USB ports, 2 wired ethernet ports, DECT, FXS & FXO ports and VOIP functionality.

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Ethernet USB Wireless Serial JTag VOIP FXS
Broadcom BCM96348@256MHz 32MB 8MB 2 Yes yes Yes Yes yes yes

Hardware Details

CPU: Broadcom BCM6348@256MHz
RAM: Qimonda HYB39SC256160FE-7, 8Mbitx16bit, 32MByte, 133MHz
Flash: Spansion S29GL064A11TFIR4, 64Mbit, 8MByte, Pointless bottom boot (see below)
Wireless: BCM4318 802.11b/g, using seperate radio amplifier and diversity switch via pci
Ext. ethernet: Altima AC101 MII PHY
DECT: Philips/NXP PCD80705 Baseband DECT processor via spi
Slic: Silicon Labs si3230 ProSLIC

Flash Layout

Based on FIrmware

0x00000000-0x0003FFFF Space allocated for bootloader - includes board parameters (serial number, Board type, MAC address, etc)
0x00040000-0x000FFFFF JFFS2 User partition
0x00100000-0x0010000F Firmware version magic
0x00100010-0x001AFFFF Linux Kernel
0x001B0000-0x007FFFFF Squashfs root fs

It is somewhat different from the usual Broadcom layout. Probably due to the fact that this board does not use the CFE bootloader but uses a proprietory loader instead who's origins are unknown. This supplied bootloader is useless. I went through Tens of bootloaders before i come across a redboot loader from the inventel livebox and modified it to work with the homehub. Now i have recently discovered that this very same bootloader from the livebox is used in the Aolbox wich has a board identical to the homehub but uses different RAM memory thus the Aolbox/livebox and homehub bootloaders are not directly interchangeable.

Flash Details

You can access the flash via jtag at 1f400000 provided the homehub bootloader is running. If the loader is not running ie, bad flash you can access bootloader at 1fc00000+. The The flash chip is actually mapped at 1f800000-1fffffff while the mips boot address is 1fc00000 (half way through the physical flash address). The hub bootloader actally remaps the 4MB at 1fc00000 back before the physical start of the flash. Eg, actual 1f800000-1fffffff # copy 1fc00000-1fffffff to 1f400000 # now the flash lives at 1f400000-1fbfffff.


There are plenty of pictures of the homehub on the internet so i wont fill this space with its cover on.

HomeHub V1 HomeHub V1.5
Top view Top view
This one has had its led wiring changed to suit the Speedtouch 7G firmware Note the extra 2 buttons and their position and the shape of the board. The led's are now on the other side too.
Bottom view Bottom view
Note changes to the led type. They are now tri colour (green+red=orange). I have fitted it with a crude jtag connector.


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