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Buffalo WHR-G300N V2

Version SoC Flash RAM Network Antennas Wireless USB Serial Jtag
2 AR7240 @400Mhz 4MB 32MB 1+4 x100 2 internal 2.4Ghz bgn no yes yes (untested, needs pullups)

The model name is Buffalo WHR-G300N V2 with the same hardware configuration as WHR-G301 and WHR-HP-G300N. Users can just burn the WHR-G301N version firmware as the HW is the same.


WHR-G300N V2 has the TTL serial out on J6(unpopulated 4 pin connector), located near serial flash. Pin 1 is the pin with the square pad, towards the edge of the board with front LEDs.

Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4


WHR-G300N V2 comes with 32M RAM which is DDR 16bit. The native U-boot can recognize 64M RAM and pass the info to kernel. Unfortunately, the kernel rejected the 64M info and force itself running with 32M RAM. After flashing with OpenWRT, 64M RAM can be fully utilized.


WHR-G300N V2 has no USB support. Since AR7240 has USB 1.1 pins, simply HW mod can add USB support to it.


WHR-G300N V2 has 4M flash which is too small for DIY. After the research, I found it can support 8M and 16M flash with modified TP-Link 841N V5 Bootloader.

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