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 ====== Compex WP54 ====== ====== Compex WP54 ======
-The device is supported in OpenWrt since Kamikaze 8.09.+The device is supported in OpenWrt since Kamikaze 8.09. But WP54g type is not supported in the newest version 12.09. (Device do not boot and diagnostic led flashing - probably some kernel panic error)
 ===== Hardware info ===== ===== Hardware info =====
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   *[[http://​​forum/​|Compex forum]] \\   *[[http://​​forum/​|Compex forum]] \\
   *[[http://​​|another Compex forum (CZ/ENG)]]   *[[http://​​|another Compex forum (CZ/ENG)]]
 +===== Tags =====
 +For some Help with the Tags, please have a look here: [[meta/​tags]]
 +{{tag>​ADM5120 FastEthernet 1NIC 1WNIC 2Port 16RAM 4Flash MIPS MIPS32 4Kc}}
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