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 ====== D-Link DGL-5500 rev A1 ====== ====== D-Link DGL-5500 rev A1 ======
-[[wp>​IEEE 802.11ac]] capable device from 2013. **no current OpenWrt support** but hardware is theoretically compatible.+[[wp>​IEEE 802.11ac]] capable device from 2013. Supported in Chaos Calmer (trunk) builds.
 +Initial flash: http://​​snapshots/​trunk/​ar71xx/​generic/​openwrt-ar71xx-generic-dgl-5500-a1-squashfs-factory.bin
-This device is likely using QCA9558 => ath9k and QCA9882 => ath10kThe switch may be AR8327.+Upgrade from earlier OpenWrt: http://​​snapshots/​trunk/​ar71xx/​generic/​openwrt-ar71xx-generic-dgl-5500-a1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
 +Note that trunk does not include a web interface (luci) by default, but one can be installed: http://​​doc/​howto/​luci.essentials
 +This device is using QCA9558 (ath9k) and QCA9882 (ath10k). The switch is AR8327.
   * 128 MiB RAM   * 128 MiB RAM
-  * 8? MiB flash+  * 16 MiB flash
 On wikidevi: https://​​wiki/​D-Link_DGL-5500_rev_A1 On wikidevi: https://​​wiki/​D-Link_DGL-5500_rev_A1
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