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D-Link DI-524

The DI-524 is a router with 5 ethernet ports and one wireless antenna. The official datasheet can be found here.

Hardware Highlights

Hardware summary

Dev Info Datasheet
CPU D-Link DL7500A
FLASH Memory 1MB EON EN29LV800BB Future Electronics
RAM Memory 2MB ISSI IS42S16100C1-7T ISSI
Dev Info Datasheet
CPU Atheros AR2313A-00
Onboard WiFi Atheros AR2112A-00
FLASH Memory 8Mb MX 29LV800BBTC-70
RAM Memory 8MB (64Mbit) Integrated Circuit Solution Inc IC42S16400-7T []
10/100 switch Marvell 88E6060-RCJ
10/100BASE-T transformer modules (WAN) FPE H16102DF (0449H) FPE
10/100BASE-T transformer modules (LAN) FPE HN2064C (0445) Unknown
Dev Info Datasheet
CPU D-Link DL7550A
FLASH Memory 1MB EON EN29LV800BB-70TCP Future Electronics
RAM Memory 2MB ISSI IS42S16100E-7TL ISSI
10/100 switch D-Link DL1005E
10/100BASE-T transzofrm module FPE H50610DK-R FPE

Opening the case

Rev B4

Rev G2

  • The original source code firmware for E1 revision can be downloaded here.
  • Patched 2.06 version on rusian site with extended routing configuration is available here
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