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D-Link DIR-300(B5)/DIR-600(B5)

:!: Note: See D-Link DIR-300/DIR-600 for D-Link DIR-300 Rev.B1 (different hardware (HW))

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
RaLink RT5350 WiSoC@360 MHz 32MiB 4MiB 5 10/100E No Yes, internal TTL solder pads No

Hardware support

There is no support in openwrt yet. You will need these patches to get it limping. Squonk42's patches

Also, See for my work in progress notes.

Add support code for rt5350 SOC in kernel linux-3.9

Telnet access

Login: Alphanetworks

Password: wrgn49_dlob_dir300b5

The telnet daemon has a timeout and will disappear after a while. It only listens on the lan side.


Upside of D-Link DIR-300(B5)

Downside of D-Link DIR-300(B5)


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