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 ===== Pictures ===== ===== Pictures =====
-Upside of D-Link DIR-300(B5) +Upside of D-Link DIR-300(B5)\\ 
-{{:​media:​media:​dsc_0106-1.jpg|}} +{{:​media:​media:​dsc_0106-1.jpg?500|}} 
-Downside of D-Link DIR-300(B5) + 
-{{:​media:​downside.of.d-link.dir-300.b5.jpg|}}+Downside of D-Link DIR-300(B5)\\ 
 ===== Tags ===== ===== Tags =====
-{{tag>​FastEthernet ​USB 2USB 802.11bgn ​InternalAntenna ​32RAM 4Flash MIPS MIPS32 24Kc rt5350f}}}+{{tag>ramips rt5350 ​FastEthernet 802.11bgn 32RAM 4Flash MIPS MIPS32 24Kc}}
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