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D-Link DIR-615 rev C2 USB port mod

Part 1: Software

  1. Download svn source code
  2. Edit file target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ar71xx/mach-dir-615-c1.c
    • Add line #include "dev-usb.h" after line #include "dev-leds-gpio.h"
    • Add line ar71xx_add_device_usb(); before line "if (nvram_parse_mac_addr(…."
  3. Edit file target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ar71xx/setup.c
    • Add line ar71xx_pll_wr(0x08, 0x00001030); before line ar71xx_detect_mem_size();
  4. Run 'make menuconfig' and select platform/profile and other options (usb-core,
    usb-storage, usb2.0, block-extroot, etc - all what you want)
  5. Compile image and flash it to router.

Part 2: Hardware

  1. Solder usb socket (i soldered horisontal for testing but later i'll replace it with part of usb extender)
  2. Solder usb power. My Dir-615C2 use 5V power source so I just solder a wire from power input to usb +5V line. But I think i'll install dc/dc 0505 isolator instead of this wire.
  3. Solder two usb data line resitors (r237/r230 - 22 Ohms)

  4. Solder pull-down resistors at the bottom of the pcb. Use small 0603 smd 15k resistors (marked as '153').

  5. Solder usb_rref 6,19Khoms resistor (I soldered 4.7K, but later I got a dir-615c1 circuit with usb_rref=6.19K 1%) at the bottom of the pcb near ar9130 processor (look photo). I soldered 0805 size because didn't find 4k7 0603 size at home. If your solder skills not good - ask to solder this in any cellphone repair service (size of 0603 resistor - 1.6x0.8 mm)

  6. Solder serial header (you'll need it :)

  7. Now check pcb… Twice! Connect serial and power router on…….
    Wait until device boot and connect flashdrive. If you did all well you'll see at serial console:
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