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D-Link DSL-2520U

Hardware Highlights

Model Revision Chip ID Board ID CPU CPU Rev Flash Size Flash type Flash name Flash ID RAM Size LAN USB Serial JTAG
DSL-2520U A1 6338 D-1P BCM6338 0x00029010 2MB Parallel AM29LV160B 0x2249 8MB 1 slave J3 J7
DSL-2520U/BRU/C C1 6338 96332CG_F4W BCM6332 0x00029010 2MB Serial NXW25P16 0xef14 8MB 1 slave J5 -
DSL-2520U/BRU/D D1 6338 DSL-2520U BCM6332 0x00029010 2MB Serial S25FL016A 0x0114 8MB 1 slave JP2 -

Hardware summary

Dev Info Datasheet
ADSL2+ Chip with CPU MIPS32 Broadcom BCM6332KFBG
Serial FLASH Memory 2MB Spansion S25FL016A
ASDL Line driver Broadcom BCM6301KS

Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

  • To remove the cover simply pull off the two rubber feet, then undo the screws beneath them. Run a fingernail along the crack between the two pieces, and the case will pop off easily.
  • There is one screw holding the PCB to the bottom cover.

Main PCB

Photo of PCB

Original Firmware Info

The original GPL sourcecode v1.00 can be downloaded Here Here. It consist on a Linux 2.? kernel with binary Broadcom tools&drivers and sourcecode of the kernel and the rest of tools.


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