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the generation 2 model is pretty much the same the same as the Generation I model differences are that the that it has a different mtd layout and a faster CPU



  # cat /proc/cpuinfo 
  system type		: TI AR7 (TNETD7200)
  processor		: 0
  cpu model		: MIPS 4KEc V4.8
  BogoMIPS		: 211.35
  wait instruction	: yes
  microsecond timers	: yes
  tlb_entries		: 16
  extra interrupt vector: yes
  hardware watchpoint	: yes
  ASEs implemented	:
  shadow register sets	: 1
  core			: 0
  VCED exceptions	: not available
  VCEI exceptions	: not available


mtd start end
0 0x900b1000 0x903e0000
1 0x90020090 0x900b1000
2 0x90000000 0x90010000
3 0x90010000 0x90020000
4 0x90020000 0x903e0000
mtd start end
0 0x900a1000 0x903e0000
1 0x90020090 0x900a1000
2 0x90000000 0x90010000
3 0x90010000 0x90020000
4 0x90020000 0x903e0000

note this router wasn't in working condition after the firmware upgrade

Openwrt firmware changes
mtd start end
1 0x90020000 0x903e0000


first off the Gen I upload script doesn't work someone could try modifying it to suite the new mtd layout I tried but gave up

grab a stable or trunk image, for example this image has been tested (for only about 30m)

it's seems that the router will only respond to the IP address

turn off your router, set your ethernet card to subnet

open a terminal

  $ telnet 21 # turn on router and hit enter
  USER adam2
  PASS adam2
  GETENV mtd1          # check that mtd1 through 4 matches the one of the tables above
  GETENV mtd4          # if any of the settings don't match you probably 
                       # don't have the same router and I would recomend giving up now
  SETENV mtd1,0x90020000,0x903e0000 # this sets the new mtd layout for the 
                                    # OpenWrt firmware
  ^]quit               # quit out of the session
  $ ftp
  #login here
  ftp> quote MEDIA FLSH # sets the media to upload to
  ftp> binary           # set binary mode
  ftp> hash             # enable progresses meter
  ftp> put "path to firmware/openwrt-ar7-squashfs.bin" "fs mtd4"
  200 Port command successful.     # sorry my scrollback buffer only goes back this far
  120 service ready in 32 seconds. # so everything before now is from memory
  #######...pauses here while erasing...###..lots more...########
  150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file transfer.
  2752516 bytes sent in 68.5 seconds (40191 bytes/s)
  ftp> quit
  226 Transfer complete.


telnet or ftp connection times out

adam2 the boot loader doesn't seem to respond straight away. so try timing the ftp/telnet session for the end of the boot-load sequence, you can find this out by noting that the LED status will flash until about 20s in then the Ethernet LED will turn on. telnet/ftp in just before the Ethernet light turns on

General tips and stuff
  • don't do the GETENV and SETENV from ftp because the client seems to get confused
  • if you brick your router (you'll notice that the USB light will blink slowly after it's finished booting) adam2 won't work properly after the USB light starts blinking
  • I flashed two GenII modems which had different adam2 IPs.

The difference appears to be indicated in P/N number:

  ISL502TNTX used
  ISL502TNNZ used 

I (puck) have flashed two GENII modems with the following adam2 IPs:

  ISL502TNNZ used 
  ISL502TNAU used
  • To find out the IP address to use, you can telnet to the devices IP address (using a DHCP client on laptop/whatever when plugged into the DSL-502T while it is turned on)

then run:

  cat /proc/ticfg/env

And look for either ip_myaddress or IPA, you can set the address to something else for the next book by running:

  echo "ip_myaddress" > /proc/ticfg/env


  echo "IPA" > /proc/ticfg/env
  • It seems that with 10.03.1-rc5 the ethernet LED doesn't work, I have been able to make the USB LED show the network activity though.


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