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D-Link DSR-250N


Instruction set: ARM ARMv6
Vendor: Cavium
Bootloader: u-boot
System-On-Chip: Cavium CNS3411 @ 300 MHz
CPU/Speed ARM11 @ 300MHz (ARMv6)
Flash-Chip: MXIC MX29GL256EHT2I-90G (NOR FLASH)
Flash size: 32 MiB
RAM: 128 MiB
Wireless: Ralink RT3092 802.11bgn
Switch: Broadcom BCM53128KQLEG
Internet: Broadcom B50610C1KMLG
USB: 1 x 2.0
Serial: yes
JTAG: n/a
3G support: yes (limited to few USB modems)
other: D-Link provides source code. Kernel can be compiled and booted using bootm with uImage or go command with zImage

There is a modifyed FW made by my son available at It allowes SSH-connection with user/passwd admin/admin and you will get super user priviledges with su command. I hope this will help making OpenWRT for it.



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