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Huawei HG255d and HG256

HG255D is a gateway from ChinaTelecom OEM by HuaWei.

Hardware Highlights

Model CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
HG255D Ralink RT3052@384Mhz 32MiB 16MiB 1 x WAN 4xLAN Yes Yes Yes
HG256 Ralink RT3052@384Mhz 32MiB 8MiB 1 x Giga WAN 4xLAN Yes Yes Yes

HG256 use a RTL8211CL Giga PHY for WAN.


Instruction set: MIPS
Vendor: Ralink
Bootloader: U-boot-1.1.4
System-On-Chip: Ralink RT3052
CPU @Frq MIPS 24K @384 MHz
Flash Chip: MX29LV640(HG256) S29GL128P(HG255D)
Flash size: 8 MiB (HG256) 16MiB (HG255D)
RAM size: 32 MiB
Wireless: Ralink APSoC RT2860 b/g/n 2T2R (integrated)
Switch: Integrated 6 Port Fast Ethernet Switch
USB: Yes (1 Port)
Serial: Yes


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