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 ======Meraki MR12====== ======Meraki MR12======
 +=====Build and install=====
 +==== Requirements ====
 +|**Build:** [[https://​​riptidewave93/​Openwrt-MR12|riptide_wave'​s build of CC]]|
 +|**Method:​**[[http://​​doc/​howto/​generic.flashing.tftp| TFTP Installation Setup]]|
 +|**Serial interface (pin out details below)**|
 +==== Step by Step Flashing Guide ====
 +**Read the full guide before proceeding and make sure you understand the implications of the flash commands. ​ Any error is likely to brick your device. ​ At this time there is no way to recover from a bricked MR12 short of desoldering the SOIC and reprogramming.**
 +Built on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, this guide assumes you have a basic working knowledge of the command line and know your way around permissions,​ copying files etc.
 +Links are provided as additional reading and guidance. ​
 +  * Configure build environment as per [[http://​​doc/​howto/​buildroot.exigence|recommended instructions]]. ​
 +  * Clone sources from git or svn, recommended r42685. ​ [[https://​​wiki/​GetSource|Instructions here]].
 +  * Clone [[https://​​riptidewave93/​Openwrt-MR12|riptidewave'​s git files/​patches]] into separate directory and merge into above clone. ​
 +  * [[http://​​doc/​howto/​build#​image.configuration|make menuconfig && make kernel_menuconfig]]
 +  * Change the Target Profile in menuconfig to Meraki MR12 and Machine Selection/​Atheros in kernel_menuconfig to Meraki MR12.
 +  * [[http://​​doc/​howto/​build#​building.images|make]] ​
 +  * Built files will be in [[http://​​doc/​howto/​build#​locating.images|<​buildroot>/​bin/​ar71xx]]. ​ You require the files:
 +To boot from TFTP: openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-initramfs-uImage.bin
 +To flash to the device: openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-kernel.bin & openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-rootfs-squashfs.bin
 +  * Configure TFTP server and place the above files in the /tftp directory. ​
 +  * Make sure you have a serial connection to your MR12 using the below hook up. Guide was put together using one of [[http://​​itm/​Mini-CP2102-USB-2-0-to-UART-TTL-6PIN-Connector-Serial-Useful-Converter-Module-/​190685792376|these]].
 +  * Start the TFTP server on your machine and connect the ethernet cable to the 10/100/1000 port on the MR12. 
 +  * Power up and interrupt the boot sequence to take you to the boot loader. ​
 +  * Run the following command on the MR12 terminal: ​
 +<​code>​tftpboot 0x81000000 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-initramfs-uImage.bin;​ bootm</​code>​
 +  * Test boot, [[http://​​doc/​howto/​firstlogin|login]],​ and configure connectivity. ​ If happy/​successful,​ move on. 
 +  * Reboot the MR12 and interrupt the boot loader once more.  To install follow the flash commands below to commit the images to the MR12.  ***Warning this is irreversible and WILL destroy the MR12's factory shipped image***
 +  * Check, double check and probably triple check each of the commands to ensure they are EXACTLY as below before hitting enter on each.   
 +====Flash Commands====
 +With many thanks to riptide_wave. ​ [[https://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=250264#​p250264|Source]].
 +<​code>​tftpboot 0x80010000 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-kernel.bin;​erase 0x9f680000 +0x200000;​cp.b 0x80010000 0x9f680000 0x200000
 +tftpboot 0x80010000 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mr12-rootfs-squashfs.bin;​erase 0x9f080000 +0x600000;​cp.b 0x80010000 0x9f080000 0x600000
 +setenv bootcmd bootm 0x9f680000
 ===== Hardware ===== ===== Hardware =====
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 Reference: http://​​doc/​techref/​flash.layout Reference: http://​​doc/​techref/​flash.layout
 =====Boot Log===== =====Boot Log=====
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