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 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
-This article will be added soon, see [[|oldwiki]] now.+This article will be completed ​soon, see [[:oldwiki:​openwrtdocs:​hardware:​mikrotik/rb100|oldwiki]] now. 
 +:!: If you flash OpenWrt from NetBoot facility, you will lose your RouterOS licence. 
 +The installation of OpenWrt on this board is only possible by using the NetBoot facility - you will boot into the RAMdisk version of OpenWrt and use it to flash the permanent OpenWrt image into NAND. You will need: 
 +  - A serial port (or a USB-RS232 serial converter) and a null modem cable as console (standard serial cable wont work). 
 +  - An ethernet port and cable to download the NetBoot kernel and the NAND image. 
 +  - A DHCP server to tell the RB1xx where to get it's netboot image (e.g. DnsMasq). 
 +  - A TFTPD server to supply the NetBoot image to load a barebone OpenWrt RAMdisk image (e.g. DnsMasq). 
 +  - A web server to serve up the [[permanent version]] of the OpenWrt kernel and rootfs (you can use SCP as well). 
 +Connect your RouterBoard using both ethernet and null modem cable to a PC. 
 +==== Building images ==== 
 +See [[:​doc:​howto:​build|official howto]] for more info. 
 +:!: If you select the squashfs image, it may take quite a few minutes for the device to power on. 
 +You will have to run the building process twice, because you will need both RAMdisk image and stock OpenWrt kernel+rootfs. 
 +Build profile should be: 
 +  * Target System:  
 +  * Target Profile:  
 +==== Installation on rb133c (italian) ===== 
 +Per installare openwrt sulla mikrotik rb133c è necessario un cavo seriale nullmodem collegato alla macchina locale, un cavo ethernet, oltre al corretto funzionamento di un server tftp e dhcp sulla macchina locale. 
 +Nel caso la rb133c abbia già montato openwrt è possibile passare direttamente alla sezione "​scrittura della nand"​ 
 +===== boot da ethernet ===== 
 +Dopo aver collegato cavo seriale ed ethernet tra la rb133c ed il pc locale ed aver abilitato il server tftp e dhcp, copiare il file vmlinux opportuno nella root del server tftp e lanciare la console seriale. 
 +* minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 
 +quindi accedere al terminale della console seriale, collegare la rb133c all'​alimentazione e premere un tasto per blocccare la sequenza di boot. 
 +RouterBOOT booter 2.18 
 +RouterBoard 133C 
 +CPU frequency: 175 MHz 
 +  Memory size:  16 MB 
 +Press any key within 2 seconds to enter setup. 
 +your choice: e - format nand 
 +Do you realy want to format your nand? 
 +that would result in losing all your data 
 +type &​quot;​yes&​quot;​ to confirm: yes 
 +formatting nand... done! 
 +your choice: p - boot protocol 
 +Choose which boot protocol to use: 
 +   1 - bootp protocol 
 +   2 - dhcp protocol 
 +your choice: 2 - dhcp protocol 
 +your choice: o - boot device 
 +Select boot device: 
 +   e - boot over Ethernet 
 +   n - boot from NAND, if fail then Ethernet 
 +   1 - boot Ethernet once, then NAND 
 +   o - boot from NAND only 
 +   b - boot chosen device 
 +your choice: n - boot from NAND, if fail then Ethernet 
 +your choice: x - exit setup 
 +trying dhcp protocol.... OK 
 +resolved mac address 00:​26:​B9:​03:​BC:​3B 
 +transfer started .............................. transfer ok, time=2.47s 
 +setting up elf image... OK 
 +===== scrittura della nand ===== 
 +Se nella rb133c è già presente ​openwrt ​è possibile upgradare il firmware direttamente via ssh, oppure anche da console seriale. 
 +  root@OpenWrt:​/# mkdir /mnt/kernel ; mount /dev/mtdblock2 /​mnt/​kernel 
 +  yaffs: dev is 32505858 name is &​quot;​mtdblock2&​quot;​ 
 +  yaffs: passed flags &​quot;&​quot;​ 
 +  yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.2, &​quot;​mtdblock2&​quot;​ 
 +  root@OpenWrt:/#​ mkdir /mnt/rootfs ; mount /​dev/​mtdblock3 /​mnt/​rootfs 
 +  yaffs: dev is 32505859 name is &​quot;​mtdblock3&​quot;​ 
 +  yaffs: passed flags &​quot;&​quot;​ 
 +  yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.3, &​quot;​mtdblock3&​quot;​ 
 +  root@OpenWrt:/#​ passwd 
 +  Changing password for root 
 +  New password: 
 +  Retype password: 
 +  Password for root changed by root 
 +A questo punto tornare sulla macchina locale, disabilitare il server dhcp, poi: 
 +  sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up 
 +  scp openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-vmlinux.elf root@​mnt/​kernel/​kernel 
 +  scp openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-rootfs.tar.gz root@​mnt/​rootfs 
 +Quindi tornare nella console seriale per decomprimenre la rootfs e riavviare la rb133c. 
 +  root@OpenWrt:/#​ cd /​mnt/​rootfs/​ 
 +  root@OpenWrt:/​mnt/​rootfs#​ gunzip openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-rootfs.tar.gz 
 +  root@OpenWrt:/​mnt/​rootfs#​ tar xf openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-rootfs.tar  
 +  root@OpenWrt:/​mnt/​rootfs#​ rm openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-rootfs.tar 
 +  root@OpenWrt:​~#​ reboot 
 +A questo punto la rb133c dovrebbe essere in ascolto in telnet all'​indirizzo 
 +==== Linux howto ==== 
 +==== Windows howto ==== 
 +:!: Disable ANY firewall on your PC. 
 +  - Download [[http://​​~sgtatham/​putty/​download.html|Putty]], run it, select Connection type: **Serial**, Serial line: **COMx** (x = number, depends on your configuration),​ Speed: **115200**, and Open. 
 ===== Wireless ===== ===== Wireless =====
-Atheros-based card are supported. The device doesn'​t work with Broadcom cards, since kmod-ssb causes kernel panic at startup. ​+Atheros-based card are supported. The device doesn'​t work with [[Broadcom]] cards, since kmod-ssb causes kernel panic at startup. ​
 ===== Useful sources ===== ===== Useful sources =====
 This page has been assebled from a number of different pages from the oldwiki and current wiki. See them for more (possibily outdated) informations. This page has been assebled from a number of different pages from the oldwiki and current wiki. See them for more (possibily outdated) informations.
 +  *[[:​oldwiki:​openwrtdocs:​hardware:​mikrotik/​rb100|RB1xx at oldwiki]]
   *[[http://​​files/​pdf/​rb133&​133c_manual.pdf|RouterBoard 133 series user's manual (pdf)]] \\   *[[http://​​files/​pdf/​rb133&​133c_manual.pdf|RouterBoard 133 series user's manual (pdf)]] \\
   *[[http://​​|]]   *[[http://​​|]]
 +===== Tags =====
 +For some Help with the Tags, please have a look here: [[meta/​tags]]
 +{{tag>​ADM5120 FastEthernet 1NIC 3WNIC 3Port 32RAM 64Flash gt32flash MIPS MIPS32 4Kc}}
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