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 [[http://​​RB433AH|RB433AH]] [[http://​​RB433AH|RB433AH]]
 [[http://​​pdf/​73/​rb433ah.pdf|Datasheet]] [[http://​​pdf/​73/​rb433ah.pdf|Datasheet]]
 +==== RB433UL ====
 +The Routerboard rb433ul ist currently not supportet.
 +This Board has 64MB RAM and the serial console is not supportet by uboot.
 +There are two Resets.
 +Reset 1 (Button) and Reset 2 (Pad).
 +Reset 1 is to reset the RouterOS and for force the netinstall (PXE).
 +Reset 2 is to choice the backup uboot.
 +Some times you must press both.
 ==== RB433UAH ==== ==== RB433UAH ====
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 ===== Useful Links ===== ===== Useful Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​archives/​148-Installing-OpenWrt-on-a-Microtik-Routerboard-RB433.html|Installing OpenWrt on a Mikrotik Routerboard RB433]]
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​index.php/​OpenWRT:​_Mikrotik_RB433|OpenWRT:​ Mikrotik RB433]]
   * [[http://​​doku.php#​netboot_howto|Netboot for RB1xx]]   * [[http://​​doku.php#​netboot_howto|Netboot for RB1xx]]
   * [[http://​​~pathorn/​ip175c/​|phorn'​s patches for IP175C support with kmod-switch and swconfig]]   * [[http://​​~pathorn/​ip175c/​|phorn'​s patches for IP175C support with kmod-switch and swconfig]]
   * [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=76183|a thread about RB433, IP175C and kmod-switch]]   * [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=76183|a thread about RB433, IP175C and kmod-switch]]
 +===== Tags =====
 +{{tag> FastEthernet 3Port 2NIC PoE USB USB2.0 0USB 2USB Serial MiniPCI 64RAM 128RAM gt32Flash mips ar71xx devBoard}}
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