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 ===== Multilaser RE027 ===== ===== Multilaser RE027 =====
-Also know as Multilaser RE039, this is a [[http://​​toh/tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND]] ​v1 //rebrand// for Multilaser, and will only accept ​firmware ​with Multilaser vendor bytes (in the file header). ​Others 3rd party(OpenWRT/​DD-Wrt/​TP-Link) ​firmwares ​does not have those bytes.+Also know as Multilaser RE039, this is a **rebranded** ​[[:toh:tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TP-Link ​TL-WR741ND ​v1]] from Multilaser ​(brazilian vendor), and will only accept ​firmwares ​with Multilaser vendor ​ID bytes (in the file header).\\ Other compatible firmwares(TP-Link, OpenWRT, Gargoyle, DD-WRTuse different vendor IDs, or does not come with those bytes (which are needed for switching the stock firmware, otherwise you will get TP-Link **error 18005**).
-===== Convert ​Multilaser to TP-Link =====+===== Switch from Multilaser ​firmware ​to original ​TP-Link ​(or 3rd party) ​=====
 Steps: Steps:
-  - Download this tool: [[​TL-MR3020_MOD_TL-WR703_ENG/​TP%E8%B7%AF%E7%94%B1%E5%9B%BA%E4%BB%B6%E5%A4%B4%E4%BF%AE%E6%94%B9%E5%B7%A5%E5%85%B7.exe|TP-Link_hardware_ID_modifier.exe]]The software ​is in Chinese , but it's really simple to use, you do not need to see the menus+  - Download this tool: [[|Firmware_hardware_ID_modifier.exe]] ​The tool is in Chinese, but it's really simple to use. 
-  - Download ​the oldest firmware from [[http://​​en/​support/​download/?​model=TL-WR741ND&​version=V1|TP-Link WR741ND v1]] webpage+  - Download ​a compatible ​[[http://​​en/​support/​download/?​model=TL-WR741ND&​version=V1|TP-Link WR741ND v1]] firmware(TP-Link or 3rd party) 
-  - Open the software, choose ​the original ​firmware, ​than change ​the values: ​first col (0x40-0x43) ​repeat code **07410001**,​ and next col (0x44-0x47) ​write **00280001**. +  - Open the tool, choose firmware, ​and edit the values: (0x40-0x43) **07410001** ​[router model], and (0x44-0x47) ​change from 00000001 to **00280001** ​[vendor id] 
-  - Some message will show in the software, about 5 linesThen the original ​firmware ​was changed ​(check date modified of file)+  - Some message will pop upThe firmware ​headers are now changed. 
-  - Open your browser, and do the firmware ​update ​normally. (don't do this through wireless). +  - Open your browser, and upgrade ​the firmware normally ​by the web GUI. (don't do this through wireless) 
-  - After that, your router will restart with TP-Link ​original ​firmware.+  - Your router will then restart with the TP-Link ​/ 3rd party firmware.
-For next firmware ​update, you **DON'T** need to change ​the vendor bytes again, just download the latest firmware from TP-Link website and proceed to update.+For the next firmware ​updates, you don'need to change ​**vendor ​ID bytes** again.
-All new mod/​change ​now can be done according the original ​wiki page of [[http://​​toh/tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND]].+Everything can now be done like it was an original [[:toh:tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND ​v1]]
-===== How to update to OpenWRT =====+* This can be applied ​to many other **rebranded routers** using the same hardware.
-Not tested yet, but should work same as [[http://​​toh/​tp-link/​tl-wr741nd#​installation|TP-Link WR741 compatibility page]].+===== Images =====
-===== Images of Multilaser RE027 =====+How to change vendor ID bytes:
-How change ID vendor ​bytes:+**(2)** is router model\\ **(3)** is vendor ​ID
-{{:​media:​xpiolx-modificar-hw-id.png|Modify ​HW ID firmware.}}+{{:​media:​xpiolx-modificar-hw-id.png?400|Modifying firmware ​HW ID}}
-All the internal images are the same as [[http://​​toh/rosewill/​rnx-n150rt|RNX-N150RT]] and [[http://​​toh/tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND]] ​//v1/v2//.+All the internal images are the same as [[:toh:rosewill/​rnx-n150rt|RNX-N150RT]] and [[:toh:tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND]] v1/v2
-{{:​media:​rnx-n150rt_internal_01.jpg|}} +{{:media:rosewill:​rnx-n150rt_internal_01.jpg?400|}} 
-{{:​media:​rnx-n150rt_internal_02.jpg|}} +{{:media:rosewill:​rnx-n150rt_internal_02.jpg?400|}} 
-{{:​media:​rnx-n150rt_internal_03.jpg|}} +{{:media:rosewill:​rnx-n150rt_internal_03.jpg?400|}} 
-===== Relevant ​forum links ===== +===== Relevant links ===== 
-[[https://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=168045#​p168045|TL-MR11U direct FW web upgrade with MR3040 /Chinse ​to English/​]] +  ​* ​[[https://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=168045#​p168045|TL-MR11U direct FW web upgrade with MR3040 /Chinese ​to English/​]] 
- +  ​* ​[[http://​​internet-redes-and-telefonia-fixa/​536263-firmware-mod-openwrt-dd-wrt-roteador-siroco-evo-w301ar.html|Siroco to TP-Link ​/ OpenWRT ​(changing ​vendor ​ID)]] 
-[[http://​​toh/​rosewill/​rnx-n150rt|RNX-N150RT]] +  * [[http://​​2012/​09/​identificacao-da-memoria-ram-e-rom-do.html|Identifying router with similar hardware (PT-BR)]] 
- +  * [[|WikiDevi - routers list]] 
-[[http://​​toh/​tp-link/​tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND v1]] +  * [[:​toh:​tp-link/tl-wr741nd|TL-WR741ND v1]] 
- +  * [[:toh:​rosewill/rnx-n150rt|RNX-N150RT]]
-[[http://​​internet-redes-and-telefonia-fixa/​536263-firmware-mod-openwrt-dd-wrt-roteador-siroco-evo-w301ar.html|Siroco to TP-Link (change ID vendor)]] +
- +
- +
- +
-Use it at your risk! +
- +
- --- //xpiolx 2014/02/22 00:22//+
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