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 ===== Tags ===== ===== Tags =====
-{{tag>​GigabitEthernet 5Port 2PHY noUSB JTAG Serial MiniPCI 802.11bgn ​1Radio ​MV88W8361P mwl8k 3Ant NonDetachableAntenna 32RAM 8Flash ARM ARMv5 XScale ​MV88F5181 crypto}}+{{tag>​GigabitEthernet ​2NIC 1WNIC 5Port noUSB JTAG Serial MiniPCI 802.11bgn MV88W8361P mwl8k 3Ant NonDetachableAntenna 32RAM 8Flash ARM ARMv5 MV88F5181 ​marvell orion crypto}}
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