Panasonic DMR-ES15

The DMR-ES15 is a Digital video recorder (DVD recorder) which entered the market in 2006 or earlier.


SoC Panasonic MN2DS00151DB
CPU unknown 32-bit
RAM 2x Elpida DD2516AKTA-6B-E 64 MB
Flash Spansion S29JL064H70TFI00, 48pin TSOP 8 MB
Audio Texas Instruments PCM1780 24bit 192kHz DAC
Audio AKM 5358ET 96kHz 24bit ADC
Serial Port probably yes (onboard) but still to be confirmed 3.3V TTL

unidentified mainboard ICs

  • 6BA4N8TC
  • AN41211A
  • BU2365FY
  • Panasonic AN22116A
  • Panasonic AN13350A

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