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Prolink PWH2004

These units have 32M RAM, 8M flash, a serial port with pins marked on circuit board (CMOS level!), 4+1 LAN ports, 1xUSB port and 802.11n WLAN. The device is apparently also sold as Abocom WR5205.

Compiling firmware

Firmware can be compiled from "trunk":

  1. choose Ralink RT288x/RT305x as target
  2. and RT305x boards as subtarget.
  3. Network interface needs boot option board=…. (WiP)
  4. For WLAN, include rt2800-pci module under Wireless drivers.

The USB port does not appear to work yet (2010/09/12).

Hardware information

CPU Ralink 3052, 384 MHz
Memory 32M
Flash 8M 1)
LAN 4+1 ports
WLAN 802.11n
USB 1 port
Serial pins marked on board, 57600n81, ttyS1
JTAG present, needs soldering
power 12V DC
Description memory area size (in hex)
Bootloader (u-boot) 0x000000 - 0x030000 0x030000
Config 0x030000 - 0x040000 0x010000
Factory 0x040000 - 0x050000 0x010000
Kernel 0x050000 - 0x800000 0x7B0000


1) some devices has 4MB, you should change the tamplate inside ramips/image
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