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Zo0ok: 2015-05-11: This device is listed as supported. There is an image: But information is very scarce. CPU speed is missing. This page needs improvement or this device may lose its supported status.

General Information

Ralink's V11ST-FE is a RT2880F evaluation board including a 5-port IC+ IP175C Ethernet switch and on-board Ralink RT2820 radio. It exposes a JTAG and an UART header between the CPU and the Radio chips.


CPU: Ralink RT2880F
Flash: 4MB
Wi-Fi: Ralink RT2820
Switch: IC+ IP175C

Serial port

Serials console baudrate is : 57600,8n1


Serial console is on the 2x5 pin header with the following pinout:

RT2880                          Wi-Fi
        [TX] [VCC]
        []   []
        []   []
        [RX] [GND]

U-Boot environment


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