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Line 154: Line 154:
 //Front:// //Front://
 ==== Opening the case ==== ==== Opening the case ====
Line 163: Line 163:
 //Main PCB// //Main PCB//
-{{:​toh:​sitecom:​dsc00246-hc.jpg|}} +{{:​toh:​sitecom:​dsc00246-hc.jpg?400|}} 
 ==== Serial ==== ==== Serial ====
Line 425: Line 425:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-{{tag>​FastEthernet 5Port 2PHY USB ramips ​DetachableAntenna 16RAM 4Flash MIPS MIPS32 34K}}+ 
 +===== Tags ===== 
 +{{tag>ramips rt3052 ​FastEthernet 5Port 2NIC USB DetachableAntenna 16RAM 4Flash MIPS MIPS32 34K}}
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