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Table of Hardware

This is the main Table of Hardware, listing all devices that are supported by OpenWrt.

Using the Table of Hardware

  • Sort the columns by clicking the column header
  • Enter your filter criteria in the white fields
    You can filter for partial matches, e.g.
    • D-Li, D-Lin, D-Link, Net, Netg, …
    • DIR-6, TL-WR, 3700, 43, 430, 4300, …

Other Resources

Filter: Current OpenWrt release

Filtered by supported current rel=external image

# BrandModelVersionsCurrent ReleaseDevice PageDevice Techdata
1Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7510PWexternal imagearv7510pwView/Edit data
2Arduino.ccTianexternal imageView/Edit data
3BarixBarionet 10001.0external imagebarix_barionet_1000View/Edit data
4EnGeniusECB1750v1external imageengenius_ecb1750_1View/Edit data
5GateworksVentana GW5100external imageView/Edit data
6GateworksVentana GW5200external imageView/Edit data
7GateworksVentana GW5220external imageView/Edit data
8GateworksVentana GW5300external imageView/Edit data
9GateworksVentana GW5310external imageView/Edit data
10GateworksVentana GW5400external imageView/Edit data
11GateworksVentana GW5410external imageView/Edit data
12GateworksVentana GW5510external imageView/Edit data
13GateworksVentana GW5520external imageView/Edit data
14MerakiZ1external imagez1View/Edit data
15MerakiMR24external imagemr24View/Edit data
16MerakiMX60external imagemx60View/Edit data
17MerakiMX60Wexternal imagemx60wView/Edit data
18MikroTikRB750Gr3external imagemikrotik_rb750gr3View/Edit data
19NetgearDM200v1external imagedm200View/Edit data
20OpenEmbedSOM9331v1external imageopenembed_som9331_v1View/Edit data
21OptionGlobesurfer IIIexternal imagegs3View/Edit data
22Qi hardwareBen.Nanonoteexternal imageben.nanonoteView/Edit data
23TP-LinkArcher C50v1external imagearcher-c50View/Edit data
24TP-LinkArcher C20v1external imagetp-link_archer_c20_1View/Edit data
25Turris CZ.NICTurrisOmniaexternal imageturrisView/Edit data
26ZLMnetF8v1.3external imagezlmnet_f8_v1.3View/Edit data
27ZyXELNSA3101bexternal imageView/Edit data
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