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Tecom GW6000

Supported Versions

This board is supported since Backfire 10.03.

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Broadcom 6348 32MB 4MB 4 + 1 10/100 Mbps No Yes No



CFE> flashimage openwrt-96348GW-bc221-squashfs-cfe.bin

Update OpenWrt

root@OpenWrt:~# cd /tmp root@OpenWrt:~# wget root@OpenWrt:~# sysupgrade openwrt-96348GW-bc221-squashfs-cfe.bin

Serial Console

The board contains a 4 pin header next to the right side of the main CPU. Settings are 115200 8N1, no flow control.

 /             \  [5V]
 |             |  [RX]
 | BCM6348KPBG |  [TX]
 |             |  [GD]
 |             |


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