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Thomson TG703

Technicolor TG730G

The TG703 is marketed under the brand Technicolor, formerly known as Thomson. The manufacturer described it as an "integrated access device" combining ADSL2+ modem, VoIP FXS and WiFi b/g/n.

These devices are commonly distributed by an ISP to double-play or triple-play customers. The firmware seems to be based on the previous Thomson firmware.

Not sure, if and how the firmware can be changed.


Architecture: MIPS
Vendor: Lantiq
Bootloader: ?
System-On-Chip: AR9
CPU/Speed 34Kc@333 ?
Flash-Chip: S25FL054P
Flash size: 8 MB
RAM: 64 MB
Wireless: Ralink RT3070 802.11b/g/n (onboard)
Ethernet: Broadcom BCM53101 w/ vlan support swconfig
Internet: ADSL2+
Serial: Possibly on a mising header


Top view of PCB Bottom view of PCB Broadcom 53101 chipHylix 228A chip

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