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   * OEM source code available at: [[http://​​resources/​gpl/​GPL_TD-W8970.tar.gz|GPL_TD-W8970.tar.gz]]   * OEM source code available at: [[http://​​resources/​gpl/​GPL_TD-W8970.tar.gz|GPL_TD-W8970.tar.gz]]
   * ADSL/VDSL works   * ADSL/VDSL works
-  * switch is passing traffic (tagged + untagged) +  * switch is passing traffic (tagged + untagged), but passing it to all ports https://​​ticket/​15511 
-  * wifi doesn'​t work [[https://​​ticket/​17069|#​17069]]+  * wifi doesn'​t work (regression since r40948) ​[[https://​​ticket/​17069|#​17069]]
 ==== Work-in-progress ==== ==== Work-in-progress ====
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 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
 +At the time of writing, the only known method of installation involves access to the bootloader, which requires using the serial console. ​ This in turn requires opening the device to access the contacts on the circuit board.
 +Once a serial console has been established (see below for further details) the following method worked for at least one person:
 +  - Download the openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-uImage-initramfs image from wherever you can find it (the [[http://​​barrier_breaker/​14.07/​lantiq/​xrx200/​|official release]] does not supply a uImage with an initramfs, so booting that just gives you an error about a missing root filesystem.)
 +  - Switch on the device and press '​t'​ on the serial console until you get a prompt, then run commands similar to these:
 +    - Set the device'​s IP if you don't want the default​ (so you don't have to move your TFTP server onto a different subnet)<​code>​setenv ipaddr</​code>​
 +    - Set the address of your TFTP server:<​code>​setenv serverip</​code>​
 +    - Set the board type:<​code>​setenv bootargs '​board=WD8970'</​code>​
 +    - Download the image into RAM (*not* flash):<​code>​tftpboot openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-uImage-initramfs</​code>​
 +    - Boot the image from RAM:<​code>​bootm</​code>​
 +  - If OpenWRT boots successfully,​ download the [[http://​​barrier_breaker/​14.07/​lantiq/​xrx200/​|official release]] sysimage into /tmp
 +  - Flash the newly downloaded sysimage:<​code>​sysupgrade /​tmp/​openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade.image</​code>​The flash is extremely slow on this device (~100kB/​sec) so the write takes a long time.
 +  - Find the DSL firmware which is not included in the image and copy it into /​lib/​firmware/​vdsl.bin (this file is referenced in /​etc/​config/​network)
 ==== Flash layout ==== ==== Flash layout ====
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