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Trendnet TEW-673GRU


Snapshot firmware at
Upload snapshot firmware through Trendnet Web Interface

Basic configuration

Enable: lcd /etc/init.d/lcd4linux enable
Start: lcd /etc/init.d/lcd4linux start
Some information on LCD will be missing (complaints in logread). To fix this you will have to build your own image. Install the packages lcd4linux-tew673gru lcd4linux-full (./scripts/feeds install lcd4linux-tew673gru and ./scripts/feeds install lcd4linux-full). And then in make menuconfig under Utilities/lcd4linux-custom, select the netdev and uname plugins


COM port settings: Speed:115200, Data bits:8, Stop bits:1, Parity:none, Flow control:none Picture below shows a header soldered in place. Router original just had holes.

To Be Done

Keypad (uses I2C bus)

Known Issues

10-15% CPU utilisation to just update LCD with a few statistics. To reduce load, edit /etc/lcd4linux.conf and increase "Busy" update interval to 5000 msecs or more. Also increase tick and tack. Note - This will reduce the frequency of updates


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