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Ubiquiti Airmax M

The Ubiquiti Airmax M series are based on ar71xx chipset. They include:

NanoStation M sectorial 60 deg antenna, high power, 2 ethernet
NanoStation Loco M low cost sectorial 60 deg antenna, 1 ethernet
PicoStation M HP omni directionnal, high power, 1 ethernet
Bullet M other form, high power, 1 ethernet
Rocket M high end, usb
PowerBridge M Rocket M with High power Antenna, 1 ethernet
NanoBridge M device-in-feeder directional dish antenna, 1 ethernet

Note: For the models with 1 ethernet (nanostation loco m, picostation m hp, bullet m) , use the bullet-m image.

The bullet-m image is the base of the airmax series.

The rocket-m image is the bullet-m with an additionnal usb driver.

The nano-m image is the bullet-m with an additionnal ethernet.

The NanoBridge-m works fine with bullet-m r30919

TFTP flash

Power cycle the device while you keep the reset button pushed. Leds will start to blink red and yellow.

Then tftp the image to following the instructions at the Installing OpenWrt via TFTP page.

Remote reset

It is possible to remotely press the reset button on M-series devices by briding the powerlines, Ubiquiti's 1 ampere power injector (the one with LAN LEDs) has a button that you can press that physically closes the reset button circuit. If you have the smaller power injector or a generic one, you can read for more information about making your own reset button out of it.


serial pins are clearly labeled. GND, SOU, SIN, PWR (3.3V). the PWR connection is not needed when plugged in.

serial settings (which also works for other ubiquity M devices)

Bits per second: 115200 Data bits: 8 Stop bits: 1 Parity: None Flow control: None

Other models

There are also the Unifi and Litestation X which are in the same ar71xx family, but they have different init in the openwrt source. There are 4 models of the Unifi, Unifi AP, Unifi AP LR (Long Range), Unifi Ap PRO, Unifi AP Outdoor

The PowerBridge M, NanoBridge M, AirGrid M are in the airmax M family, but not tested?

Nanobridge-m tested fine with r30919 NanoBridgeM5 NanoBridgeM5

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