Ubiquiti Nanostation M5

Warning! Currently Nanostation M5 models from 2014 aren't supported! If you try to flash them you will brick your device.

Old boards vs new boards

From the beginning of 2014 Ubiquiti has released new model of Nanostaion M5 devices (old boards use ar724x chip while new ones are using ar934x chip).

New Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 firmware page devices use xv firmware image, while older use xm image.

Installation procedure

The installation procedure is the same as for the old NanoStation 5 but you have to use this image:


Power cycle the device while you keep the reset button pushed. Leds will start to blink red and yellow.

Then tftp the image to following the instructions at the Installing OpenWrt via TFTP page.

POE passtrough

In CLI this will work to change the poe pass trough instantly without rebooting or waiting for config to apply. Email from development mailing list.

to switch the poe pass trough on use this:

echo 8 1 1 > /proc/gpio/system_led

to switch the poe pass trough off use this:

echo 8 1 0 > /proc/gpio/system_led

Boot message

Boot messages from Nanostation M5 Loco:

U-Boot (Jul 19 2012 - 10:41:56)

Board: Ubiquiti Networks XM board (rev 1.0 e0a5)
DRAM:  32 MB
Flash:  8 MB
PCIe WLAN Module found (#1).
Net:   eth0, eth1
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 
## Booting image at 9f050000 ...
   Image Name:   MIPS OpenWrt Linux-3.3.8
   Created:      2014-01-15  15:39:31 UTC
   Image Type:   MIPS Linux Kernel Image (lzma compressed)
   Data Size:    929404 Bytes = 907.6 kB
   Load Address: 80060000
   Entry Point:  80060000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK

Starting kernel ...

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