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Ubiquiti UniFi AP PRO


Since r34730 this device is supported in trunk and in future stable release.
Currently available as snapshot.

If you can confirm that OpenWrt is running on this device (i.e. you or someone else has tested it), please update the data accordingly. → Click View/Edit data


Architecture: MIPS
Vendor: Atheros
Bootloader: U-boot
System-On-Chip: Atheros (AR9344 rev2)
CPU Speed: 560MHz
Flash size: 16MB
RAM: 128 MiB DDR - 400MHz
Wireless: AR9580
Switch: AR8327 rev4
Ethernet ports: 2x Gigabit, 802.3af POE capable
USB: No 1)
Serial: Yes, settings


Installing a new firmware image

  1. Device get IP address from DHCP. If no DHCP, device will default to
  2. Login inside the AP with ssh ubnt@ip_address (password ubnt)
  3. Find the image like "openwrt-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-uap-pro-*-factory.bin" on openwrt binary repository and download inside /tmp.
  4. Rename the firmware image to fwupdate.bin
  5. Use the Ubiquiti fwupgrade utils to reflash it: upgrade2

Proceed to First Login

Updating Firmware Image

  • Hold in the reset button whilst powering on the device. Wait until the ring alternately flashes between blue and white constantly
  • The device will default to listening for TFTP connections
  • From a TFTP client transfer the openwrt image to
  • Once the transfer is complete wait for the device to reboot

Specific Configuration

The UniFi AP PRO led can be white or blue.

Static and flashing can be configured as follows.

  1. static, use 1 for on, 0 for off:
    echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:white\:dome/brightness
    echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:blue\:dome/brightness
    echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:white\:dome/brightness
    echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:blue\:dome/brightness
  2. blinking
    1. blinking on, interval 1000ms, orange led:
      echo timer > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:white\:dome/trigger
      echo 1000 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:blue\:dome/delay_on
      echo 1000 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:blue\:dome/delay_off
    2. blinking off:
      echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/ubnt\:orange\:dome/delay_off
    3. configure in /etc/config/system:
      config 'led'
      	option 'sysfs' 'ubnt:white:dome'
      	option 'default' 0

See the UniFi page for how to flash the led based on network traffic.


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