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 +====== Western Digital N600 ======
 +**Manufacturer Link**: http://​​en/​products/​products.aspx?​id=730\\ ​
 +**GPL Source code**: http://​​product/​download.asp?​groupid=1701&​sid=177&​lang=en
 +^ Hardware Specs ^^
 +|Name|Western Digital My Net N600|
 +|Wifi Supported|802.11 abgn|
 +|CPU|Atheros AR9344|
 +|Onboard RAM|128Mb|
 +|Wifi #1|AR9344|
 +|Wifi #2|AR9382|
 +|USB Ports|1|
 +|LAN Ethernet|4 x 10/100|
 +|WAN Ethernet|1 x 10/100|
 +Supported in OpenWRT version: [[http://​​snapshots/​trunk/​ar71xx/​|BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r38181)]] onwards.
 +**Installing OpenWRT**\\
 +1) Download the file [[https://​​latest/​ar71xx/​generic/​openwrt-15.05-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin|openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin]]\\
 +2) Configure your computers IP address to and connect to a LAN port in the router.\\
 +3) Turn the router off.\\
 +4) Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the router and turn it on. Hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds. Wait until the power light on the front is slowly flashing on and off.\\
 +5) On your computer, visit http://​ NOTE: You will not be able to ping this address.\\
 +6) Upload the file openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin as downloaded earlier.\\
 +7) The router will now flash OpenWRT. This will take a couple of minutes to achieve. You can ping and watch for ping replies to see when your router has rebooted into OpenWRT.\\
 +**Installing OpenWRT using Telnet on Stock Firmware**\\
 +Previous method does not work on many N600 devices. If that's your case, there is an option that always works\\
 +1) Visit the administration page on the router (http://​192.168.x.x) and login.\\
 +2) Enter the following URL: http://​192.168.x.x/​telnet.php\\
 +3) Enable telnetd, click save.\\
 +4) Log in with username "​Alphanetworks",​ password "​wrgnd16_wd_db600"​\\
 +5) Use wget to copy in the *factory.bin file\\
 +6) Call fwupdater -i *factory.bin \\
 +7) Ignore the failure message at the end of the upgrade! just reboot \\
 +8) Enjoy!\\
 +** Serial Port **\\
 +The UART is accessable via JP1 (which already has a header connected!). You will need a TTL to RS232 (ie a MAX232 circuit) to utilise this. See picture further down. The pinout is:\\
 +''​[TxD] [GND] [3.3v] ​     [RxD]''​\\
 +'' ​                        ​JP1''​
 +** Device Specific Terminology **\\ 
 +On at least some WD N600 devices the ART-partition is named "​radiocfg"​ in /proc/mtd. (knowing this could save you some time and/or allow proper pre-configuration backup.)\\
 +** Hardware Pictures**\\
 +There seems to be a 5 x pin header and a 14 pin (not connected) test connector on the mainboard.
 +Looking under the main '​can',​ the CPU is:\\ 
 +Next to that, there'​s what looks to be 2 x RAM chips:​\\ ​
 +ASH1 -2.58
 +P127W02 201''​
 +Under the second smaller '​can',​ I see another Atheros Chip:​\\ ​
 +**Pictures**\\ ​
 +Top of mainboard:​\\ ​
 +Bottom of mainboard:​\\ ​
 +14 pin header:​\\ ​
 +JP1 - UART serial header:​\\ ​