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 +====== Western Digital N600 ======
 +**Manufacturer Link**: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=730\\
 +**GPL Source code**: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=1701&sid=177&lang=en
 +^ Hardware Specs ^^
 +|Name|Western Digital My Net N600|
 +|Wifi Supported|802.11 abgn|
 +|CPU|Atheros AR9344|
 +|Onboard RAM|128Mb|
 +|Wifi #1|AR9344|
 +|Wifi #2|AR9382|
 +|USB Ports|1|
 +|LAN Ethernet|4 x 10/100|
 +|WAN Ethernet|1 x 10/100|
 +Supported in OpenWRT version: [[http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/|BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r38181)]] onwards.
 +**Installing OpenWRT**\\
 +1) Download the file [[http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin|openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin]]\\
 +2) Configure your computers IP address to and connect to a LAN port in the router.\\
 +3) Turn the router off.\\
 +4) Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the router and turn it on. Hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds.\\
 +5) On your computer, visit NOTE: You will not be able to ping this address.\\
 +6) Upload the file openwrt-ar71xx-generic-mynet-n600-squashfs-factory.bin as downloaded earlier.\\
 +7) The router will now flash OpenWRT. This will take a couple of minutes to achieve. You can ping and watch for ping replies to see when your router has rebooted into OpenWRT.\\
 +**Enabling Telnet on Stock Firmware**\\
 +1) Visit the administration page on the router (http://192.168.x.x) and login.\\
 +2) Enter the following URL: http://192.168.x.x/telnet.php\\
 +3) Enable telnetd, click save.\\
 +4) Log in with username "Alphanetworks", password "wrgnd16_wd_db600"\\
 +5) Enjoy!\\
 +** Serial Port **\\
 +The UART is accessable via JP1 (which already has a header connected!). You will need a TTL to RS232 (ie a MAX232 circuit) to utilise this. See picture further down. The pinout is:\\
 +''[TxD] [GND] [3.3v]      [RxD]''\\
 +''                        JP1''
 +** Device Specific Terminology **\\
 +On at least some WD N600 devices the ART-partition is named "radiocfg" in /proc/mtd. (knowing this could save you some time and/or allow proper pre-configuration backup.)\\
 +** Hardware Pictures**\\
 +There seems to be a 5 x pin header and a 14 pin (not connected) test connector on the mainboard.
 +Looking under the main 'can', the CPU is:\\
 +Next to that, there's what looks to be 2 x RAM chips:\\
 +ASH1 -2.58
 +P127W02 201''
 +Under the second smaller 'can', I see another Atheros Chip:\\
 +Top of mainboard:\\
 +Bottom of mainboard:\\
 +14 pin header:\\
 +JP1 - UART serial header:\\

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