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ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A / P-660HN-T3A

The ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A is an ADSL2+ gateway with wireless acccess point integrated.

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Supported Versions

Model Launch Date S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
P-660HN-T1A 2011-02 FIXME - Annex A
P-660HN-T3A 2011-02 FIXME - Annex B

Hardware Highlights

SoC Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
TrendChip TC3162U-LQ128G@…MHz 16MiB 2MiB 4 x 1 No Yes ?

Manufacturer's site:



Instruction set: MIPS ?? FIXME
Vendor: Mediatek ?? FIXME
Bootloader: Bootbase
System-On-Chip: TrendChip TC3162U-LQ128G
Flash size: 2 MB
Flash Chip: Macronix MX25L6405D
RAM size: 16 MB
RAM Chip: Zentel A3V28S40FTP-G6
Wireless No1: SoC-integrated: Ralink RT3390L w/ 2.4GHz antenna for 802.11b/g/n
Switch: TrendChip TC2206F (10/100 Mbit)
Modem: xDSL
Serial: Yes
JTAG: :?:





Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

  • To remove the cover …

Main PCB


port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

The serial port on this device is labeled J5:

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:

Pin Signal
2 TxD
3 RxD
4 N/A

Configure terminal with: baud rate 115200 and 8N1 (8 bits, No parity bit, 1 stop bit)



You can recover your router through serial console using the bootloader command to upload the firmware image to the router via xmodem.


OEM bootlog

Bootbase Version: VTC_SPI1.8 | 2010/4/8 09:32:52 RAM: Size = 16384 Kbytes Found SPI Flash 2MiB MX25L1606E(05D) at 0xbfc00000 RAS Version: 3.40(BYF.10) Press any key to enter debug mode within 3 seconds. ............................................................ Copyright (c) 1994 - 2010 ZyXEL Communications Corp. initialize ch = 0, TC2104ME, TC2206, ethernet address: c8:6c:87:61:8d:e8 initialize ch = 1, AP restart , also restart 802.1x and reset EAPoL queuePhyMode = 9 ethernet address: c8:6c:87:61:8d:e8 Wan Channel init ........ done Initializing ADSL F/W ........ done ==>natTableMemoryInit <==natTableMemoryInit *DOT1X* radius_srv_num = 1 *DOT1X* radius_srv_num = 1 *DOT1X* radius_srv_num = 1 *DOT1X* radius_srv_num = 1 *DOT1X* initRadiusSocket[0]: bind socket to 2050 OK *DOT1X* initRadiusSocket[1]: bind socket to 2051 OK *DOT1X* initRadiusSocket[2]: bind socket to 2052 OK *DOT1X* initRadiusSocket[3]: bind socket to 2053 OK *DOT1X* register socket ok - iface-0 *DOT1X* register socket ok - iface-1 *DOT1X* register socket ok - iface-2 *DOT1X* register socket ok - iface-3 ANNEXAL DNS Hijack switch is 1. Success!NAT session reserved is 512,protocol is 2,port is 80! WSC_MANUFACTURE is ZyXEL now AP_WSC_DEVICE_NAME is AMG1202-T10A now AP_WSC_MODEL_NAME is AMG1202-T10A now Testlab 10 set try multimode number to 3 (dropm Erasing 4K Sector... Erasing 4K Sector... writeRomBlock(): Erase OK! ode try num 3) largeD flag=2 (0:maxD=64, 1:maxD=128, 2:maxD=511) Erasing 4K Sector... Erasing 4K Sector... writeRomBlock(): Erase OK! Syncookie switch On! Erasing 4K Sector... Erasing 4K Sector... writeRomBlock(): Erase OK! Press ENTER to continue...



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