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这个版本以OpenWrt "stable release"(“稳定版”)之名为人所知,使用广泛。仍有许多OpenWrt应用程序是基于这一版的,例如Freifunk-Firmware或Sip@Home。 这个版本以OpenWrt "stable release"(“稳定版”)之名为人所知,使用广泛。仍有许多OpenWrt应用程序是基于这一版的,例如Freifunk-Firmware或Sip@Home。
-In the beginning of 2005 some new developers joined the team. After some months of closed development the team decided to publish the first "experimental" versions of OpenWrt. The experimental versions use a heavily customized build system based on buildroot2 from the uclibc project. +2005年初,一些新的开发者进入了团队。在封闭开发了数月之后,团队决定发布OpenWrt的第一个“实验”(experimental)版本。这个实验版本使用的build系统是基于buildroot2大改而成的,而buildroot2来自于uclibc项目。 
-OpenWrt uses official GNU/Linux kernel sources and only adds patches for the system on chip and drivers for the network interfaces. The developer team tries to re-implement most of the proprietary code inside the GPL tarballs of the different vendors. There are free tools for writing new firmware images directly into the flash (mtd), for configuring the wireless lan chip (wlcompat/wificonf) and to program the VLAN-capable switch via the proc filesystem. The codename of the first OpenWrt release is "White Russian", a popular cocktail. The development of the White Russian line has ended with the release of OpenWrt 0.9.+OpenWrt使用官方版GNU/Linux内核代码,只是额外添加了片上系统(SoC,System on Chip)的补丁和网络接口的驱动。开发团队尝试重新实现GPL tarball中不同开发商的绝大多数专有代码。其中有:将新固件镜像文件直接写入闪存的自由工具(mtd)、配置无线局域网(wlcompat/wificonf)、通过proc文件系统对支持VLAN的switch(交换机?)进行编程。最初发布的OpenWrt的代号是“White Russian”,来自于著名鸡尾酒的名称。在OpenWrt发布0.9版的时候,White Russian的生命周期结束。
-The development of the next release is taking place in our subversion (SVN) repository.+下一个版本的开发正在我们的subversion(SVN) repository(仓库)中进行。
===== White Russian ===== ===== White Russian =====

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