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This is the meta discussions page, where discussions on the OpenWrt Wiki take place.

After you comment, at the end, sign your name using the "Insert Signature [Y]" button (last one) in the wiki edit toolbar. You can optionally edit the signature to include contact information, for example, based on any of these formats:

 --- // [[|Name]] 2010/01/15 11:30 //
 --- // [[|Alias]] 2010/01/15 11:30 //

Separate questions belong in its own subsection with its own descriptive subheading title. In this way, questions can be easily distinguished among others. For example:

==== Report wiki issues ====

Unresolved questions

When you add a question, please add it to the bottom of the list so that it is sorted in ascending order (newest last). Once a question has been resolved, to avoid clutter, please move it to the Resolved questions section, sorted in ascending order (newest last).

Report wiki issues

Should problems regarding the wiki be handled by trac tickets or wiki internal? (read: that would introduce bugs & feature request sites on the wiki, maybe the use of a dpokuwiki ticket plugin, using the trac might fill up the ticketing a lot, dunno ..) — kloschi 2009/05/31 16:14

Migration issue

I tried to migrate this article as described here, but failed to find any admin on the right. I was logged in. BTW, I don't like the new template - too much space wasted on the right. jal2 2009/08/18

Divide Table of Hardware by platform type

OpenWrt is a deploy system for a lot of different platform, I believe that the new toh should be divided based on platform type. For example not all supported devices are wireless router, hence we should also categorize developer board and phone. What do you think? — Claudio 2010/01/15 11:30

How to document procedures for different versions of OpenWRT

Where a procedure is different between, say, Attitude Adjustment and Backfire, how should the difference be shown?
e.g. in generic.sysupgrade I have updated it for the changes in LuCI page layouts and included previous version and Attitude Adjustment suffixes on each line. Is this a good way to do it? Or maybe repeat the whole procedure for both versions or should the Wiki only document the latest release?

adrianwadey 2014/01/24 10:17

Should the pages added to the "inbox" namespace follow existing namespaces ?

I just added a page about scripts to monitor the bandwidth, but since i don't know if there is a script namespace (see a related question), i just assumed that it existed so i added the path /inbox/script/name_of_the_page . Was i wrong? — pier4r 2014/09/21 21:03

Namespace full of spam?

I was just navigating the index when i found an (apparently) namespace full of spam: "/doc/devel/acne_cures" . How could we clean it?

I ask this because of the official firmware links on tl-wr841nd's page. Three of the links are ad links that the uploader makes money off of which usually aren't allowed on forums or wiki pages. The fact that the links are to proprietary firmware blobs makes this much worse and likely illegal. Then there's the fact the the blobs are modified and re-hosted elsewhere which is also likely illegal. I suggest removing the links and just pointing to the relevant information on how to strip the firmware rather than potentially get the webmaster in trouble. — bracket 2014/11/02 18:39

Resolved questions

Namespace "doku"

should the namespace for the actual documentation be called doku, documentation or just simple OpenWrt ? —
changed to 'doc' as it is short for documentation kloschi 2009/06/17 14:53 MEST

Unclear wiki page with FIXME image

On newswitchformat I found that the means of "5 is CPU" and below the tags ""5*"" and ""5t"" is undisclosed? Can I tag unclear wiki page with FIXME image followed by description?
yes — Jo-Philipp Wich 2010/01/12 22:59

Playground not working

This would seem to be the only place to ask questions about the wiki. Is that correct? I cannot find a way to access the "Gardeners Lounge » playground". When I click on the "playground" link (above, on the page I currently have on my screen) I get a page that says: "This topic does not exist yet You've followed a link to a topic that doesn't exist yet. If permissions allow, you may create it by using the Create this page button." There is nothing I can find to click on in that screen to create a page. So how is a person supposed to use the playground? — LloydEwing 2010/09/17 16:30
I created the page: playgroundJo-Philipp Wich 2010/09/18 00:38

Force non-breaking spaces (example )

Is there no way to force the wiki to leave blank characters in a line that is otherwise formatted? An example would be a heading like the line below, where I want to use some space characters to separate the "U10" name of the part from the rest of the part number in order to make it clear that U10 is not printed on the chip itself. There has to be a way to do this but I can't find it on the syntax page or the quickbuttons.
==== Marvell 88W8500-BAN FF05081.2 (U10) ====
(If you look at the source for this question you will see that even though this line was not supposed to be formatted, it removed the spaces before "(U10)". This was the only way I could format the question without ruining the ordered list.) The next time I add a section to the a page I think I will turn formatting off! :-/ Thanks. — LloydEwing 2010/09/20 00:45
» No, there is no way to do it by default using DokuWiki, which is why people have created a few plugins: plugin:space, plugin:nbsp, and plugin:tab. Of course, a wiki admin would have to install them. Alternatively, the wiki admin could allow HTML, and then, you could wrap a non-breaking space entity within an HTML <span> element (like this: <span>&nbsp;</span>), but that would be just ugly.
The workaround for adding the non-breaking space would be to use the actual character instead of the HTML entity. For example, on Windows, you can type ALT + 255 to produce the " " character (see subheading example).
Anyway putting extra spaces in a anchored heading is not a good idea because the browser may treat non-breaking spaces in a URI as a phishing attack, so if you link to the anchor containing the character, the browser may freak out and go on a rampage (see "Do not use this character in domain names. Browsers are blacklisting it because of the potential for phishing." warning).
Instead, however, if you want to specify optional text, you can use curly braces, which will indicate an optional argument, like this: {OPTIONAL} or ==== Marvell 88W8500-BAN FF05081.2 {U10} ====. — XP1 2010/01/15 05:34
»» The wiki uses UTF8 encoding, so pasting stuff like ✓ just works OOTB. The non-breaking space does not :-(. The only work-around is to work with HTML. Which in case you want to mend a table, looks very messy in the raw text, but it does work! And I do not like the dokuwiki plugins, because many (most?) are not supported over a longer period of time. So when you want/have to update to a newer version of dokuwiki in a couple of years, most of your plugin-based stuff will just break, because there won't be a plugin version for that dokuwiki versions. — orca 2011/08/30 02:29

Obsolete warnings

In firewall there are several warnings saying that particular options are only supported by particular versions of the Firewall package. None of these warnings apply to Backfire 10.03.1, which is distributed with version 2.38 of Firewall. (I'm new to OpenWrt and I found the warnings a bit confusing.) I'm willing to remove the warnings, but I thought I'd better ask here first. — ghewson 2012/06/19 18:18
Well, I went ahead and did it. — ghewson 2012/07/17 18:30

Is there a scripting namespace/section? Is there a list of all page/namespaces section?

Do a namespace/section about scripts for openwrt system exists on the wiki? (or maybe a repository somewhere?) If yes could it be exposed explicitly? (since i didn't find it yet browsing the wiki). In general a list of all pages/namespace could help i guess. — pier4r 2014/09/21 21:03

Ok i found the index, damn me. Sorry for bothering. — pier4r 2014/09/21 21:15


Establish a common style guide

I have commonly noticed many articles that mix cases. For example, the migrating article mixes the Title Case and Sentence case. It is inconsistent and horrifying. There are a few other issues, such as formatting and text styles. We should establish a common style guide that standardizes the formatting, text, and case styles in use on the OpenWrt Wiki. — XP1 2011/06/05 05:34
» Wishful thinking. So far people don't even bother to follow really important stuff, like the template_device or the guideline to link to articles such as Instead they explain stuff again and again. A mess, which cannot be kept up to date. Compared to that, inconsistencies in style are .. not very important. — orca 2011/08/30 02:06

Enhance CSS styling of the wiki

When using the quote syntax, the wiki does not have the appropriate CSS to style the blockquotes in a nested fashion. This is the CSS that this DokuWiki page uses:

    border-left-color: #8cacbb;
    border-left-style: solid;
    border-left-width: 2px;
    padding-left: 3px;
As you can see, using the blockquote style makes it so much easier to differentiate between quotes.
However, there are also other CSS enhancements that can be made. For example, the main headings should have a horizontal line style by default, like that DokuWiki page and like Wikipedia, so that main headings have a line under them to visually and easily differentiate between other main headings. — XP1 2011/06/05 05:34

»The wiki is for documentation only! If there is need for discussions, best use the forum. (Who likes the messy discussions pages in the wikipedia anyway?) — orca 2011/08/30 02:16

Implement page redirects

It is a good idea for the OpenWrt wiki to implement page redirects. Pages that are moved or deprecated may break existing links on other pages. This forces editors to scrutinize and tirelessly make corrective edits for several other pages if a main page is moved. Here are the solutions for page redirection on DokuWiki: — XP1 2011/06/05 05:34
» We have redirects: 2011/08/30 02:16

Corrective article name changes

Some articles have terrible or lousy names, and some may even require name corrections.
» Yes, I agree! I suggest to collect concrete name-changes here or in the forum. Admin can then move the pages and place some redirects to not brake deep links from the outside world. — orca 2011/08/30 02:17
For example of a minor correction, as a start, I propose that this current article discussion be renamed to discussions. — XP1 2011/06/05 05:34
» Any other, more important suggestions? — orca 2011/08/30 02:17

Automate the TOH with DokuWiki 'data' Plugin

It seems the OpenWrt wiki runs on DocuWiki; the data plugin could be used to automate the Table of Hardware (TOH) to be generated automatically from structured data on hardware detail pages (like the sidebars in Wikipedia). This plugin requires some sqlite support, might not be well maintained, and might have a poor impact on site performance… but could save lots and lots of duplicated effort. I think the division-by-architecture or type could implemented with tags and/or separate table queries?

Could be combined with the bureaucracy plugin to create a single form for entering information about a new hardware device.

bnewbold 2012/05/29 21:24

Allow firmware images to be uploaded like pictures

It would be great to be able to upload firmware images or parts of it. This way it might be possible for someone who wants to get back to original to restore the bootloader or the entire firmware.

taeuber 2012/10/01 22:42

About damaged and urecoverable hardware

Advertise people somewhere, when they have a damaged board (unrecoverable), invite them to remove the processor an make a high quality photo of this part (the soldering balls), before throwing it to the trash. It's very useful for other people to identify pinouts (like JTAG), specially on CPUs/SoCs without datasheet available.

We can trace usb pins or known JTAG pins but we don't know where they end without removing the processor, The same for the opposite, we can know where they start at the SoC but not where they end in a new unknown board with the same SoC. Did you catch the idea?

Where should we put this advertisement?

danitool 2012/10/09 11:06


I would like to introduce a new language flag in the sidebar of the home page in order to points to newly translated pages but I cannot find anything explaining me how to do it ?

buntalo 2013-02-07

Only admins can enable new languages. In which language would you like to translate pages into? Please also consider contributing to LuCI:

—- orca 2013-05-19

The file /etc/dokuwiki/interwiki.local.conf on the server this dokuwiki runs on, could be augmented:

debs{NAME} or better use release numbers:

Would be cool to have on pages like transmission, where you need to install additional packages on the remote machine. Would also be cool for buildroot.exigence article as well.

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