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Basic Approach to OpenWrt

OpenWrt allows you to install a very powerful, highly customizable variant of Linux to your router. The amount of choice it gives you can be confusing at first. Guiding you through the first steps is the purpose of this document. Consider the following flow chart:

4 Steps

  1. Verify that both your router model and hardware revision is compatible with OpenWrt.
    If you haven't bought hardware already, consult the buyerguide.
  2. Choose your way to obtain the OpenWrt firmware
  3. Install the OpenWrt firmware on your router.
  4. Connect to your router and set up a basic configuration.


please do consult the FAQ before asking questions in the forum.

Note No1: This wiki is mainly written in the English language. Only basic howtos are available in other languages!
Note No2: The WebUI LuCI is available in many different languages. You can watch the progress here:

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