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In practice, this means that you can have all the features you need with none of the bloat, powered by a Linux kernel that's more recent than most other distributions. FIXME

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目前的稳定分支是Backfire版、最新版本為Backfire 10.03。其二進位文件及源始碼如下:

Please visit the version history page for an overview of previous releases.

The general method for picking the right image is visiting the Table of Hardware (which has replaced the old version of the Table), then matching the "Platform & Frequency" of your device with the image you're downloading. Sometimes, the "Status" column will have additional information for your device, such as building its image or device-specific installation instructions.

If there isn't a pre-built image for your device, follow the Building OpenWrt instructions to build a custom image.

Any bugs in the firmware should be reported via the ticket system.


  • There is a short OpenWrt manual
  • You can also look on the forums,
  • ask on the Mailing Lists,
  • or ask via IRC on, channel #openwrt.
  • We also have a FAQ page, Here is the old faq for a obsolete version of OpenWrt.

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