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 ====== Soldering ====== ====== Soldering ======
 +===== Most Common Mistakes =====
 +Beginners and casual modders, keep these in mind. These are mistakes ordered roughly from most common to least common.
 +  * Cold solder joints, i.e. with a profile looking like (|) instead of /|\ because of not heating enough pin before applying heat, not using flux to conduct heat, using a soldering iron not sufficiently hot.
 +  * Thinking that you can get away without using at least three hands, human or mechanical for holding iron, solder and magnifying glass.
 +  * Solder bridges between pins because of too much solder applied.
 +  * Not making sure hardware mod is perfect both visually (with a magnifying glass) and electrically (audible continuity tester, ohmmeter and diode tester checks on unpowered device) before trying to debug software.
 +  * Not making a hardware mod that will be rugged enough for possibly quite a few connect/​disconnect cycles, i.e. flimsy connector, no strain relief on manipulated wire.
 +  * Pieces of conductive material hanging around (solder blobs, pieces of wire).
 +  * Flux left on board making medium-resistance bridges between critical pins.
 ===== General ===== ===== General =====
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