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OpenWrt Recipes

Recipes Index

Cat Page Description
Basic HOWTOs
network guest-wlan Guest WLAN
network guest-wlan Guest WLAN Web Interface (LuCI)
network dumbap Dumb AP
network routedap Routed AP
network routedclient Routed Client
network bridgedap Bridged AP
network bridgedclient Bridged Client
network 3gdongle 3G USB dongle
network ltedongle LTE USB dongle
sys LuCIMultiUserHack Allow Multiple Users to Access LuCI
Extended Recipes
network relayclient relayd client Pseudobridge
rsn_preauthentication RSN Preauthentication
network atheroswds Wireless Repeater with WDS (for Atheros)

OpenWrt HOWTOs

HOWTOs Index | HOWTO index by subject

HOWTOs cover additional tasks possible with OpenWrt, ie: setting up a printer server, using the vanilla firmware, installing packages via opkg and configuration. Use the templates if you want to contribute.

Cat Page Description
Basic HOWTOs
beginner Basic HOWTOs Stuff explained on the Wiki-Pages for some devices, but not for others
beginner Generic Backup Backup important stuff
beginner Generic Failsafe Entering failsafe mode and what to do there
beginner Install Packages Install packages
beginner Installing OpenWrt Installing OpenWrt on your router
beginner Upgrading OpenWrt Upgrading OpenWrt from an older version to a newer version on your router
beginner OpenVPN Server Streamlined OpenVPN Server Creation
beginner Multi-Hop SSH Multi-Hop SSH over WAN to device on LAN that's behind OpenWRT
administer WebUIs Web User Interfaces related articles (overview)
administer Statistics Collect Statistical Data (overview)
network Set up a Server Provide Web, FTP, File, P2P and other network services
network Set up a Client Utilize services provided on a network
network Web Server overview HTTP Server related articles (overview)
network Proxy Server overview Proxy Server related articles (overview)
network E-Mail overview E-Mail related articles (overview)
network IPv4 IPv4 related articles (overview)
network IPv6 IPv6 related articles (overview)
network Bridge Mode Bridge Mode related articles (overview)
network GRE GRE related articles (overview)
network OpenVPN OpenVPN related articles (overview)
network IPTV Everything IPTV related
network MultiWAN If you have Double Play/Triple Play/Quadruple Play
network VoIP Everything VoIP related
network Wireless Wireless related articles (overview)
network fwknop How to set up and use the fwknop service
network Filesharing overview Filesharing possibilities
network ipv6_brouter How to set up an IPv6 Brouter, part bridge, part router
network unbound How to setup Unbound with Dnsmasq for DNS resolution
periphery Printers Offer access to a printer connected to OpenWrt over the network
periphery USB overview USB related articles (overview)
other Databases Setup Database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, …
security Certificates Authentication with the help of certificates
security VPN overview Overview over the usage of VPNs
security SNORT Network intrusion prevention/detection system
sys Logging overview Log related articles (overview)
Articles assortment
external links.external.howtos Not everything can be in this wiki
network Access Cable/DSL-Modem How to access your Cable-/DSL-Modem
network Configure Motorola cable modem How to configure your Motorola cable modem (DOCSIS)
network Traffic Control Packet Scheduler, QoS, Traffic Shaping, Traffic Prioritizing
network SQM/QoS/fq_codel Smart Queue Management (SQM) to minimize Bufferbloat
network Netfilter Packet filter, firewall, iptables, ip6tables, ebtables, arptables
network Dynamic DNS Create a domain name that points to your IP
network Define a DMZ Separate a switch port and make it a DMZ
network Connect by L2TP Connect to ISP using L2TP with Dual Access
network Port Forwarding How to and examples of different cases of Port Forwarding
network Kerberos Server How to setup a Kerberos Server for secure authentication
network UDP multicast IPTV / UDP multicast
network NFS Server How to setup a Network File System (NFS) server on OpenWrt
network ownCloud How to install ownCloud on OpenWrt
network XMail How to install XMail on OpenWrt
network TR-069 How to install an TR-069 / CWMP client on OpenWrt
network EasyCwmp How to install EasyCwmp (a TR-069 client) on OpenWrt
network Freebox with IPv6 delegation How to use OpenWRT behind a Freebox with IPv6 delegation
network Steam Caching using Nginx How to cache Steam updates using Nginx
network NetBoot NetBoot
network Wide Area Wi-Fi Roaming Setup many routers to provide seamless wifi coverage
other Snippets Snippets and tweaks that didn't fit elsewhere
other Send SMS from Shell Send SMS from shell and script
util BoxBackup Running BoxBackup on OpenWrt
security wget Certificates Installing SSL certificates for wget
security Mini-Httpd & SSL How to get mini-httpd and SSL working
sys Bandwidth Monitoring How to track bandwidth usage
sys EAD Installing and using the Emergency Access Daemon
sys Extroot Using external storage as root filesystem (USB,rootfs,overlay)
sys Hardware Buttons Make the Hardware Buttons toggle events
sys Signal strength led meter Monitor the wifi signal strength with one led
sys Build one package Build one package from scratch
sys Serial console password How to set serial console password
sys Obtain Firmware Four ways to obtain a Firmware-Image-File
sys Using ImageBuilder Create custom Images without compiling in the build system


Cat Page Description
multimedia USB Audio Support How to set up an USB audio dongle
multimedia USB Video Support How to set up a webcam or TV card
multimedia LIRC audio_alsa Howto build/setup LIRC with audio_alsa support (USB sound card mic infrared input)
multimedia LIRC GPIO blaster Howto build/setup LIRC to emulate an infrared remote using a GPIO
multimedia PulseAudio Since trunk 2011-01 we can install PulseAudio
multimedia DAAP server How to set up forked-daapd (iTunes server)
usb USB Basic Support
usb USB Samba Recipe Configure Samba with Webinterface
usb I²C over USB Using USB-I²C adapters on OpenWrt
usb weewx HowTo Python software for Weather Stations
usb pywws HowTo Python software for USB Wireless Weather Stations
usb wview HowTo USB Weather Station with wview
ups APC BackUps ES-500 Luci Graphs HowTo How to collect and graph historical data from your APC BackUps ES-500 on a Linksys EA3500
ups APC BackUps SU-700 Luci Graphs HowTo How to collect and graph historical data from your APC SmartUps SU-700 on a Linksys EA3500
Advanced Howtos
multimedia play audio from Bluetooth source to OpenWrt router with sound card + bluetooth dongle
ups APCUPSD Multimeter data How to add data from a TP9605BT multimeter to apcupsd rrd and graphs.

Advanced topics

Cat Page Description
network bluetooth.6lowpan IPv6 over Bluetooth - 6LoWPan HowTo
network Multiple WAN connections using mwan3 How to use the mwan3 package with multiple upstream WAN connections to provide WAN load-balancing or fail-over
sys virtualization Running or Building OpenWrt with Virtualization
sys Kexec Boot a kernel from internal flash and then execute another kernel on external storage
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