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  • Incomplete, faulty or obsolete articles should contain the wip-Tag
  • move outdated information (Attitude Adjustment & older to X.old or doc/archive/x pages, link to that old information)
  • move content from inbox to main sections

Development Documentation / Techref

Development Tasks / OpenWrt improvements

read and

  • Webinterface / Luci2 / other Proof of Concepts
  • Replace ifconfig busybox with iproute2 (rejected atm for possible size increase)
  • Replace ifconfig with busybox ip
  • replace ifconfig (i.e. busybox-ifconfig) with ip (i.e. busybox-ip) or with uci in OpenWrt-scripts
    1. differences in invocation and also in the output
    2. How?
      1. search in files and subfolders for the invocation of ifconfig, e.g. grep -r "ifconfig" ~/openwrt/trunk or grep -r "ifconfig" * | grep dropbear" the later giving<code> package/network/services/dropbear/files/.svn/text-base/dropbear.init.svn-base: ifconfig "$ifname" | sed -ne ' package/network/services/dropbear/files/dropbear.init: ifconfig "$ifname" | sed -ne '</code> - edit package/network/services/dropbear/files/dropbear.init and replace ifconfig with ip or with uci - edit package/base-files/files/lib/preinit/10_indicate_preinit'' and replace ifconfig with ip


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