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Time Server configuration

In R28612 and R28613 busybox-rdate has been replaced with busybox-ntpd by default.
Since then the file /etc/config/timeserver has become obsolete
The remote time is now being configured in /etc/config/system

The timeserver config holds individual time servers and pools 1) that support the older Time_Protocol for the rdate hotplug script.

config 'timeserver' option 'hostname' '' #option 'interface' 'wan' [..]

There are two valid options defined for the timeserver sections:

Name Type Required Default Description
hostname option yes n/a Host name of the time server
interface option no empty Interface that time server is valid for.
An empty value means valid for all devices. Additional restrictions can be applied in the system rdate section
The selected pools have a lot of servers supporting the time protocol, but not all servers of a pool must support it. With the selected list complete sync failures are extremely rare.
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