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tmomas [Reverting to OEM firmware] Formatting corrected
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tmomas There is still no link to the mentioned "external image", therefore re-added the request to provide the download link for the external OpenWrt image.
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 ======= EnGenius EMR3000v2 ====== ======= EnGenius EMR3000v2 ======
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +FIXME Please add a link where to download the external firmware image.
 +--- //tmomas 2017/10/04 00:51//
 {{media:​engenius:​emr3000v2_front.jpg?​400|}} {{media:​engenius:​emr3000v2_back.jpg?​400|}} {{media:​engenius:​emr3000v2_front.jpg?​400|}} {{media:​engenius:​emr3000v2_back.jpg?​400|}}
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