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Namespace Structure

Here, we develop and document the wiki structure. Inside each namespace we work with categories and portal pages. A preliminary structure is outlined below.


Is too simple at the moment to be of issue. Look here for an overview:

ToH (Table of Hardware)

Item Description Scheme Example
Devicepages Install descriptions, pictures, mods, etc. /toh/vendor/product /toh/linksys/wrt54g
Techdata pages Pure technical hardware information in structured form.
Source of information for the Table of Hardware
/toh/hwdata/vendor/product /toh/hwdata/linksys/wrt54g
ToH views Display of techdata in various ways /toh/views/toh_your_description /toh/views/toh_standard_supported
  1. Top level page listing all vendors.
    1. Vendor page listing all products by vendor and support status
    2. Product page listing detailed status of support, links back to Forum or preferably as much current information put into wiki for product support. Tags on product page for chipset and product features, ie gigabit, 4x1 ports (4 lan, 1 wan), 802.11n etc, usb ports.


  1. drafts
  2. articles (please discuss whether new articles should be listed in Inbox after being accepted)


A portal page for this has been created. The former contents of this section have been moved to the doc namespace - please edit in there directly now! Once a firm structure has developed, please put information about it here so that Moderators/Admins know what to stick to.

Namespace Content
doc Documentation of general kind
doc/devel Documentation for specific development related tasks.
doc/hardware SoCs, peripherial interfaces (PCI, PCIe, I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB, Serial, JTAG)
doc/hardware/soc Detailed information about SoCs of different vendors
doc/howto Howtos and recipies, basic and advanced
doc/patch Documentation of specific patching related tasks. Namely, how to create the patch(es), and submit them properly to the OpenWrt-dev mailing list.
doc/techref Articles covering background information and technical description of various OpenWrt components
doc/uci Articles covering background information regarding UCI


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